President Donald Trump on China, Mexico, tariffs and the Fed

In-depth interview by CNBC with President Trump yesterday, June 10, 2019.

A very interesting excerpt from this interview that was pointed out by Pamela Geller, as explained by Daniel Greenfield:

President Trump says Facebook, Amazon and Google were colluding with Democrats against him

I hope those are fighting words. “Americans paid for the internet, we deserve free speech on It.” Federal taxes used, federal law applies. Time to enforce the law.” Daniel Greenfield explains here:

“….the internet is not the work of a handful of aspiring entrepreneurs who built it out of thin air using nothing but their talent, brains and nimble fingers.The internet was the work of DARPA. That stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA is part of the Department of Defense. DARPA had funded the creation of the core technologies that made the internet possible. The origins of the internet go back to DARPA’s Arpanet.

Nor did the story end once the internet had entered every home.

Where did Google come from? “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine,” the original paper by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the co-founders of Google, reveals support from the National Science Foundation, DARPA, and even NASA.

Harvard’s computer science department, where Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg learned to play with the toys that turned him into a billionaire, has also wallowed in DARPA cash. Not to mention funds from a variety of other DOD and Federal science agencies.

Taxpayer sank a fortune into developing a public marketplace where ideas are exchanged, and political advocacy and economic activity takes place. That marketplace doesn’t belong to Google, Amazon or Facebook. And when those monopolies take a stranglehold on the marketplace, squeezing out conservatives from being able to participate, they’re undermining our rights and freedoms.

“A right of free correspondence between citizen and citizen on their joint interests, whether public or private and under whatsoever laws these interests arise (to wit: of the State, of Congress, of France, Spain, or Turkey), is a natural right,” Thomas Jefferson argued.

Something I had not thought about, but completely true. The funding for, and the beginning of the internet infrastructure in the United States came from the U.S. government and our military.

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2 Responses to President Donald Trump on China, Mexico, tariffs and the Fed

  1. litenmaus says:

    “The funding for, and the beginning of the internet infrastructure in the United States came from the U.S. government and our military.” And to add insult to injury, the biggest internet companies are regulating usage based on EU regulations.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    There was more than just gubmint funding. The Tech Giants were also using the intellectual property of scientists and engineers employed by the gubmint (waves hand wildly in the air…).

    The first search engine was Alta Vista. Somehow Brin/Page obtained Alta Vista’s (DEC Inc) code (gubmint funding?), but Alta Vista was sold to Yahoo, which shut Alta Vista down.

    There is more, but you get the idea.
    When we inet dummies tried to obtain access to some of the programs and research for which we had worked and paid, we were called pirates and thieves, were driven underground (….Dark Web…) and then prosecuted.

    Anyways, somehow one suspects the gubmint has had a mite bit too much freedom for too long in picking winners and losers, not to mention outsourcing our most basic security, and not just with funding.

    But free trade!
    ya? phooey

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