“Seven Days In May” Revisited – McCabe spills the beans about DOJ plot to remove President Trump

Daily Mail

Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, recounted a Justice Department plot to remove Donald Trump from office in a television interview that will air Sunday.

Previewing the next episode of ’60 Minutes,’ Scott Pelley, a correspondent for CBS, said Thursday that McCabe told him about a plan to approach Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, and ask him to invoke the 25th Amendment.

‘There were meetings at the Justice Department in which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment,’ Pelley reported on CBS ‘This Morning’ on Thursday.

Pelley said McCabe told him they were ‘counting noses’ of Cabinet officials who would vote to remove Trump after he fired James Comey in May of 2017.

‘This was not perceived to be a joke,’ Pelley asserted on CBS.

The journalist said the conversation took place in the eight days [IN MAY] between Comey’s dismissal and the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel…

‘The highest levels of American law enforcement were trying to figure out what to do with the president,’ Pelley reported.

McCabe is the first person to confirm that the 25th Amendment came up in the meetings. The ex-law enforcement official was later fired himself over conversations with the media that an inspector general deemed inappropriate…

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14 Responses to “Seven Days In May” Revisited – McCabe spills the beans about DOJ plot to remove President Trump

  1. stella says:

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    • lovely says:

      Nor did President Trump ever say to Dmitri Medvedev.

      The entire push is not based on “Trump’s friendliness with Russia.” It is solely and entirely based on the establishment politicians abject fear of being removed from their glory spots in society.

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      • Menagerie says:

        Tell me if those idiots had succeeded in doing that there would not have been an uprising of some sort? I’m too old and have too little to lose to let those b@stards steal my vote and my freedom. I’m not alone and not by a long shot.

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        • lovely says:

          You and me both Menagerie and minions of others!

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        • lovely says:

          Sigh *millions* not minions. A little sleep deprived here.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          There would have been an uproar but you can bet the ranch that DoJ and DHS had skels in place to deal with that. I see the DoJ saying they had intel to show that civilian militia had conspired across state lines to do whatever, calling up Federal anti-sedition

          I can see DoD immobilizing state National Guard units, forcing – or trying to force – state TAGs to not utilize them without Federal directions. Let’s not forget that DHS and the DoD have a cozy relationship and while no one was looking DHS has grown into a monster that dwarfs DoJ’s ‘military’ capabilities, I’d say DoJ’s and DEA’s combined.

          This coup has been in the works at the highest levels for a long time, it goes deep and it’s going to be interesting to see how and if this revelation does much.

          In the meantime just turn in those guns and turn over you kids to the Feds….truuuuuuust theeeeeem…..

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      • lovely says:

        That should read; Nor did President Trump ever say to Dmitri Medvedev, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” .

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  2. stella says:

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    McCabe and the rest of that bunch need to spend a long time in jail.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    “Trying to figure out what to do with the President”

    All to cover up their own corruption

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  5. lovely says:

    If that f*cking bastard wins, we’ll all hang from nooses”__Hillary Clinton

    May Hillary’s words be prophetic.

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