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  1. Great news. I knew there was a Twitter Fest under way to make sure this happened. But wonderful to see that the President agreed. Happy for the boys. They, and their parents, must be thrilled.

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  2. stella says:

    The students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky who were seen in a viral video wearing “Make American Great Again” hats in a controversial encounter with Native American elder Nathan Phillips will be meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump, according to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

    Ingraham announced this news on Twitter and on her podcast.

    Now seems to be uncertain:

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  3. lovely says:


    I love our president!

    I was coming here to post this;

    Well now isn’t this interesting.

    Twitter suspended an account that is Pro-Obama and anti-Trump. A vicious liberals account.

    It looks to me like Twitter (Jack) is trying to retroactively save his fortune.

    Attorney Barnes has stated intentions to sue many people and institutions. One of the companies named is Twitter for failure to act.

    It looks to me like the account suspended Tailia (@2020fight) is one of the early instigators in pushing the false Covington story.

    Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter

    😂 😂 😂 😂

    Has Twitter ever suspended an account like this?

    CJ Pearson has a massive list of people who threatened, doxed and/or defamed the boys of Covington.

    Wasn’t it ok with Jack that one of the Hollywood elite tweeted that Barron Trump should be caged and raped by pedophiles? Doesn’t that piece of human garbage still have a Twitter account.

    This folks is a major win.

    The damage is done, Jack now has to cut bait or sink.

    The tide is turning may it turn into a tsunami and carry all of the human trash out to a shark infest region of the sea.

    PS The account belongs to a blogger based in Brazil another foreigner trying to destroy America.

    PSS As most of you probably already know that filthy pig Nathan Phillips never served in Vietnam.

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    • Menagerie says:

      I remember a time, and in the grand scheme of life it really isn’t that long ago, when it would never have been acceptable to either side to use kids to fight out our differences.

      Indian or not, it is a piece of crap who chooses kids as a political target. Black or Hebrew or whatever, it is a piece of crap, worse when it is a group, who single out kids because of political views and verbally threaten and abuse them, and most especially to single out a young black teen and call them nasty and debasing names.

      Once upon a time adults had more honor, more dignity, and most of all, more kindness than this. I would never support anyone on our side behaving this way, and I know you all wouldn’t either. As a matter of fact, I don’t personally know anyone who I believe would do that. If I do, the relationship ends.

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      • lovely says:

        and most especially to single out a young black teen and call them nasty and debasing names.

        Not only that, the vile black racists told the poor kid that the only reason the white kids kept him around was so that they could harvest his organs.

        The Left is a vile, disturbed, hate filled, immoral mass skin draped demons.

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      • stella says:

        I think of my own teen grandsons (sometimes smart asses), and it makes my blood boil.

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      • stella says:

        I try to remember what it was like to be 16 or 17. I think I would have done more than just stand there and smile. To me, the kid was smiling because he was caught off guard and just didn’t know what to think or to do.

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        • lovely says:

          You can hear one of the boys say “What is happening?” He is laughing when he says it and sounds genuinely confused.

          I think Nathan yammering and pounding on his drum as he walks up to the boys really did mystify all of them.

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  4. Menagerie says:

    Actions like this need to be fought with the full weight of the law. Not only the parents should sue, concerned citizens need to back the action of the parents. We need to bring the full wrath of our side down on the perpetrators and make an example here.

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    • TigerBear says:

      Absolutely agree. Time for us to stand up and declare we have had enough of this…..and then fight back with a vengeance. We have run out of cheeks to turn!

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