President Trump and The First Lady Host a Dinner Celebrating Evangelical Leadership

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2 Responses to President Trump and The First Lady Host a Dinner Celebrating Evangelical Leadership

  1. stella says:

    Note that President Trump said something nice about John McCain, along the lines of ‘thank him for what he has given to our country’. Not that he’ll get any credit for it.

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  2. MoCod says:

    So great to see something like this much much better than all the oppositions conived w/ accussers, with non-stop berating of nonsense lies & hate from the lefts & the media. I believe God was in that room in the White House; God’s allowed this activity celebration to confirm to His Chosen Leader President Donald Trump that HE provided him w/ prophetic-prayer-warriors, sent to him for support a hundred at present and there’s a 100 that backs up these 100’s and a 100 more to back that 100s and so on. Mr. President Donald Trump w/ these men and women of faith that’s praying behind you and praying before “1000 (of your enemies/accussers) will fall on your side and 10,000 on your right side; for NO weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and whoever speak evil against, shall be condemned.” and yes you have many enemies but to let you know Mr POTUS and Mrs FLOTUS — there’s Billions of us who have the same faith as the above Evangelicals who are behind you, praying and fighting for you Mr. President. God bless you and we love you & FLOTUS and praying for your family too.


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