Kerfuffle about the flag over the White House

Latest complaint about President Trump is that he has returned the flag at the White House to full staff, after two days at half staff in recognition of the death of Senator John McCain. Just Google “white house flag” to see.

However, there’s actually a set of laws which precisely set every possible condition for Old Glory’s display.

From the U.S. Flag Code, Position and manner of display:

4 U.S.C. §7 (m) …The flag shall be flown at half-staff 30 days from the death of the President or a former President; 10 days from the day of death of the Vice President, the Chief Justice or a retired Chief Justice of the United States, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives; from the day of death until interment of an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, a Secretary of an executive or military department, a former Vice President, or the Governor of a State, territory, or possession; and on the day of death and the following day for a Member of Congress.

John S. McCain III died on Saturday, so the White House is correct to have lowered the flag to half-staff both weekend days.



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12 Responses to Kerfuffle about the flag over the White House

  1. stella says:

    John McCain went to the senate floor and called Benghazi a cover up. His eulogy will be given by the man who orchestrated the cover up. If you were a principled man why would you be inviting the person in charge that night (the one responsible for the cover up)?

    Benghazi was America’s darkest hour. The hour which men of valor were forced to fend for themselves as stand down orders were given, to assets that could saved the fallen.

    Orders that had to have been approved, by Barack Obama…The man who will eulogize McCain.
    How much conviction could McCain have had about getting to the bottom of Benghazi if his first choice to eulogize him is Barack Obama?

    If in fact, as McCain noted in his senate speech, Benghazi was a cover up then the man presiding over his eulogy service is responsible for the most egregious act, then cover up ever committed against our military, men and women.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Even after they see the truth, they will ignore it and complain. And, then, something else will come up for them to complain about.

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    • stella says:

      The White House flag has been lowered again, but they are still bitching on Twitter.


  3. lovely says:

    I had the thought and I was going to ask it here, will the democrats and Bushites turn McCain’s funeral into a campaign rally like the Wellstone event.

    My first thought is “You bet cha”.

    And then I saw the idea has already been posed.

    Will McCain’s funeral turn into another Wellstone funeral?

    Then I remembered that Trump was not in the picture politically back then.

    So I have a new question will the McCain event be more of a Democrat rally, a President Trump hate fest or a disingenuous tribute to a traitor?

    I’m guessing a balance, I’m also guessing Obama works up some crocodile tears and is gushed and fawned over for taking the high road after he obliquely talks about what a horrible person our President Trump is.

    Someone should go stand outside the McCain event with this sign.

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  4. stella says:

    Seen on Facebook:

    Bull. McCain died Sat night. Flag was at half staff the day of his death & the following day following US Code. That brings us to Mon., today. On Mon afternoon President ordered flags at half staff until internment. I just checked & Obama did not order flags at half mast until 2 business days passed for Sen Ted Kennedy. Trump did it on 1st business day while announcing transport of McCain & horse drawn caisson. In other words, Trump actually did it sooner than Obama.

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