President Trump enjoys a golf game at his Turnberry course in Scotland

Silly paraglider, supposedly from Greenpeace, got within a couple of hundred feet last night. He took a risk that snipers wouldn’t shoot him down. Reports are that Scottish authorities are searching for the culprit.

On Saturday, the President, his son Eric, and a group of friends, appeared to be enjoying their game of golf. On at least one occasion the President stopped to wave at the protesters.

Do these goofs have writing on both sides of those signs, or are they just posing for the photographers?

None of the protesters got close enough to disturb anyone on the golf course.

Have a nice weekend, President Trump, staff, family and friends!

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3 Responses to President Trump enjoys a golf game at his Turnberry course in Scotland

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I was pretty angry about the glider guy. He could have started throwing bombs or something.

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  2. facebkwallflower says:

    And like, authorities are searching for him as in he was not considered suspicious enough to track his landing? Weird.

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    • stella says:

      Ben Stewart, a Greenpeace spokesman, said the reaction from authorities was “pretty calm” when the group informed them in advance of the stunt.

      “One of our first thoughts were how can we ensure that the police are comfortable with what we’re doing and don’t over-react,” he said.

      A Greenpeace representative informed officers about the fly-over before it happened. The group also notified the police air incident advisor and Prestwick air traffic control minutes before the glider arrived.

      “With these things you get a sense of what the reaction would be — and it felt pretty calm — we came in above Trump and it was interesting to see that Trump saw us and scurried inside when our banner came over,” Stewart said.


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