Obama cyber chief confirms ‘stand down’ order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016

Michael Daniel

Yahoo News

The Obama White House’s chief cyber official testified Wednesday that proposals he was developing to counter Russia’s attack on the U.S. presidential election were put on a “back burner” after he was ordered to “stand down” his efforts in the summer of 2016.

The comments by Michael Daniel, who served as White House “cyber security coordinator” between 2012 and January of last year, provided his first public confirmation of a much-discussed passage in the book, “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,” co-written by this reporter and David Corn, that detailed his thwarted efforts to respond to the Russian attack.

They came during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing into how the Obama administration dealt with Russian cyber and information warfare attacks in 2016, an issue that has become one of the more politically sensitive subjects in the panel’s ongoing investigation into Russia’s interference in the U.S. election and any links to the Trump campaign.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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12 Responses to Obama cyber chief confirms ‘stand down’ order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    TY Stella Sharing the post…

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  2. Minnie says:

    Stella, first, thank you for your blog, a welcome respite from the world.

    I devote my time between here and CTH and will continue to do so.

    The info you provide is rarely covered by mudslime media, one of the many reason I gave up all outside media months ago.

    You make all feel welcome and, although I am still learning, you and all posters here make the visit truly enjoyable, one I always look forward to.

    Thank you.

    As for this thread, I too will share, most of the family are like-minded, patriotic and looking for (and thirsting for) truth.

    My 3 young adult sons, most of all – they all proudly voted for President Trump.

    I fear a younger sister may be lost, can’t even discuss what is happening in our beautiful America with her, in even a generic sense.

    God bless you and all loyal Deplorables.

    God bless President Trump, a truly remarkable man.

    MAGA 🇺🇸

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  3. lovely says:

    The reason the Obama administration didn’t do anything about the hacking (if it happened ) is because Obama and Clinton thought that she was going to be the next president and things were going to continue on as they were. Neither Obama nor Clinton wanted any attention placed on Hillary’s emails.

    Then November 8th, 2016 wrecked their party.


  4. jeans2nd says:

    How stupid are these people in D.C.?
    A hacker is good guy behind a keyboard. A cracker is a bad guy behind a keyboard. There was much confusion during the Trevon Martin trial due to diff defs of “cracker.”

    Spearfishing is not a hack. Spearfishing involves no writing of code, nor expertise — most cyber crimes actually do not. Most cyber crimes rely on the utter stupidity of the receiving user, which is why so many cyber crimes succeed. Wicked Son hacked the “I Love You” virus merely by redirecting the output from the puter to a printer, then examined the code (surprisingly, Symantec actually credited WS).

    It is notable in the Yahoo article that no one asked why, nor explained why, Obama issued the stand down order. Most likely b/c everyone knew Obama would just tell another lie.
    In that respect, Obama was good for this country. Many many more people came to realize how many lies come from D.C.
    Sadly, most believe there is nothing we can do.

    Any wagers on Michael Daniel’s testimony never being included in any Senate Intel Cmte report?
    Thanks for the article and post Stella. Surprising Yahoo even published it.

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  5. lovely says:

    The public tools Russia allegedly used to hack America’s election

    Podesta left his phone in a cab.

    Podesta responded to a hacker and gave them his password.

    And of course Seth Rich supplied Wikileaks with information. Wikileaks and Russia are interchangeable in the MSM.


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