President Trump Visits Foxconn Facility and Delivers Remarks

Mount Pleasant, WI. Scheduled to begin at 1:25 pm EDT

NPR, WUWM Milwaukee

President Donald Trump will be in southeastern Wisconsin for much of the day Thursday. He will attend the groundbreaking ceremony for Foxconn’s LCD screen factory in Mount Pleasant, and is expected to appear at a fundraiser at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

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4 Responses to President Trump Visits Foxconn Facility and Delivers Remarks

  1. lovely says:

    I’m watching the Wray/Rosenstein testimony here and have the Foxconn speech on the tube without sound. Scott Walker just came to the podium smiling like a baboon acting like he is and always has been President Trump’s biggest supporter. Turned the sound on and heard Scott talking about the money that Foxconn is bringing to WI.

    Things that make me go hmmmm……

    Go to hell Scott.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Interesting that 20th Century Fox is trying to sell itself to Disney, who’sctrying to become the Walmart of entertainment. Fox News is not up for sale though, so we won’t expect Disney to be providing entertainment-grade fake news or moving Huey to the news, Dewey to the weather and Louie to the sports.

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