President Trump on his way to Singapore for meeting with Kim Jong Un

Latest White House Press Pool Report –

Subject: Travel pool report 6 – Bagotville

The pool Osprey landed at Bagotville air base at 11:36am having passed POTUS in the air unseen.

Marine One landed around ten minutes later, beside a waiting Air Force One.

POTUS got off the helo, gave a quick salute. He was followed off by the US ambassador to Canada, with whom he exchanged a few words.

He then a quick wave and climbed the stairs.

President Trump boarded AF1 from Quebec on Saturday ahead of the highly-anticipated meeting with the North Korean leader on Tuesday, leaving G7 leaders early and missing environmental talks.

Staff on the plane include chief of staff Kelly, national security adviser Bolton and S Miller.

At 11:59 Air Force One is rolling for Singapore, with one refueling stop en route.

We are expected to arrive at 8:35PM Singapore time.

Of note, we are told that POTUS spoke to some non-pool reporters as he was leaving the G7 site, apparently covering some of the same ground as the press conference.

According to Sky News, Donald Trump said he is on a “mission of peace” before leaving the G7 summit for Singapore to meet Kim Jong Un.

He told reporters he would “know within a minute” whether Mr Kim is serious about giving up his nuclear weapons, adding that he would not prolong talks if he sensed otherwise.

As he prepared to leave Canada for Singapore, Mr Trump remained optimistic about his meeting with the North Korean leader.

He said Mr Kim “wants to do something great for his people” and called the meeting a “one-time shot” for peace and denuclearisation.

President Trump said he thought the North Korean leader was “going to do something positive” and added: “I think it’s going to work out well.”

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