President Trump Delivers a Statement from G7 meeting in Quebec

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3 Responses to President Trump Delivers a Statement from G7 meeting in Quebec

  1. The Tundra PA says:

    That was outstanding! What a boss. Well worth 26 minutes to watch the whole thing. Our President was so relaxed and in charge, and not accepting the extreme liberal premises underlying the questions of the Fake News reporters. Loved the exchange with the CNN guy. Socko–Boffo–Whammo! I love this man like no President in my lifetime. Even Ronaldus Magnus. Thank you for this Stella. You are the best at giving us the good stuff!

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  2. lovely says:

    Condie Rice has if I remember correctly 4 vocabulary sets, she uses the appropriate set with the appropriate people.

    I love how President Trump is still play spoken but is starting to speak on what is more likely his business level.

    President Trump is so comfortable in his own skin, he is not trying to impress anyone because he is impressive.

    Never trust any one who speaks or writes in a high falutin’ style that sounds as if they are a yammering thesaurus.

    I also love President Trump’s hyperbole “The legendary Larry Kudlow and the legendary John Bolton.”


  3. lovely says:

    Ha ha ha ! “Ask Obama.”


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