Press pool report from Canada

Source: Greta Van Susteren on Facebook.

Subject: Out of town travel pool report #7 — family photo / Macron pull-aside

Your pool was brought to the golf clubhouse at the resort for the family photo, a staple of summits where the leaders of the nations grin for the cameras.

The leaders gathered on a spectacular vista over the St Laurent River, with green grass and trees stretching along the hills to the left and the right. A few huge ships moved slowly along the river. The sky was bright blue, with whisps of white clouds. The temperature was a comfortable 65 degrees with a slight breeze.

For the photo, POTUS stood to the right of Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada and to the left of Angela Merkley, the chancellor of Germany.

The photo was brief, and shortly after, POTUS could be seen shaking hands with Macron and making small talk with several of the other leaders.

As they all walked off the photo stage, POTUS and Merkel stopped to have what appeared to be a brief but serious conversation. It was not possible to hear what they said.

As POTUS walked by, your pooler yelled out to ask whether POTUS would relent on the tariffs. POTUS stopped and looked at Ms. Merkel and said: “I don’t know. Ask this great lady,” referring to Ms. Merkel.

Ms. Merkel moved on, and at that point, POTUS was standing next to the new Italian prime minister. POTUS grabbed his hand to shake it and said, “Just had a great victory. A great victory.” POTUS then moved past your pooler.

We are now awaiting the next meeting.

NOTE: Sarah Sanders sends this along in reference to the brief pull-aside between POTUS and Macron — which was captured in a little video that Mr. Macron tweeted out, of the two of them sitting on a couch:

“President Trump and President Macron had a brief pull aside earlier today. They exchanged pleasantries and briefly discussed trade. We expect an additional meeting to take place this afternoon.”


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    The Canadian Mounties look so cool.


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