Israel’s Netanyahu to make ‘significant’ announcement on Iran

The Prime Minister spoke with President Trump over the weekend about Iran, which  has been confirmed by the White House. This may be the reason why.

NOTE: PM Netanyahu’s speech will be at 1:00 pm EDT.Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a televised announcement Monday evening (1700 GMT) in what his office said would be a “significant development” regarding the 2015 nuclear agreement between global powers and Iran.

No more details were given of the announcement, which will be made from Israel’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv, according to a brief statement from Netanyahu’s office.

Jerusalem Post

In a corresponding move, Netanyahu cancelled a scheduled speech at the Knesset in honor of Theodore Herzl day. Channel 10 reports Meir Ben Shabbat, head of the National Security Council, will hold phone calls with colleagues in the UK and France to update them about developments with the Iranian nuclear program.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a statement on a significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran,” the statement said, offering no further details. Israeli media reports indicate Netanyahu will address the Iran nuclear deal and not the overnight strike in Syria.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif disparaged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “the boy who can’t stop crying wolf” in a Twitter post Monday, ahead of the Israeli leader’s speech announcing “signficicant” developments in the Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu met on Sunday with new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the two had spoken about Iran.

Speaking alongside the Israeli leader, Pompeo said: “We remain deeply concerned about Iran’s dangerous escalation of threats towards Israel and the region.”

Netanyahu had said: “I think the greatest threat to the world and to our two countries, and to all countries, is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons, and specifically the attempt of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.”

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