Seen on Facebook … Reserve troops on the move to the border

Stephanie: Got back from Biloxi about midnight last night. On the way down we talked with 2 convoys of reservists at truck stops. ALL were headed toward the border and all stoked to be ‘finally’ getting something done. Lots of activity at the NAS in Biloxi, too. Mattis said mobilize and they did. Boo Yah!

Foreign Policy:

AUSTIN, Tex. — Texas became the first state on Friday to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border of the United States after President Trump announced this week that he would send the military there.

State officials said 250 Texas National Guard personnel would be dispatched to the border within 72 hours. The mobilization began shortly after 7 p.m. Friday at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Austin, as two light-utility Lakota helicopters carrying a total of four service members lifted off from the taxiway and flew south past a fading sun.

Brig. Gen. Tracy Norris, commander of the Texas Army National Guard, said the deployment would begin meeting “the priorities of the governor and the president in securing our border.” In addition to troops, the Guard said it would send ground surveillance vehicles and light and medium aircraft.

The announcement in Austin came the same day that the Republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, said that about 150 members of the National Guard in his state would deploy next week to the border. Other governors have weighed in as well, with their support or criticism of the plan falling along party lines. The Republican governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, vowed to send troops soon, while the Democratic governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, refused.

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis signed orders on Friday authorizing funding for up to 4,000 National Guard troops for the operation through Sept. 30, under the “command and control of their respective governors.”

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3 Responses to Seen on Facebook … Reserve troops on the move to the border

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    When they were deployed before, we heard almost nothing about them.


  2. czarowniczy says:

    We’re getting into mixing terms here. The Guard and the Reserve are not the same – the Guard belongs to the goverrnor of the state and the Reserves belong to the Federal government. The Guard would generally mobilize at their own armory or center, their mobilizing at a Reserve center is remote as their equipment, records and what they’d need to mobilize are at their own armory/center and not at a Reserve center. I presume they’re mobilizing out of Camp Mabry.

    I’ve been back and forth on the Guard mobilization next door and Trump’s asking governors to mobilize under Title 32 rather than he asks Congress to mobilize them under Title 10. He could grab them under an Executive Order but that would require some other footwork. It’s looking like he’s using this as a political tool to get some public reaction traction. Much of the US views border security as important – Obama pulled Guard for border security – so why not ask the governors nicely and then see what the public’s reaction to their refusal in the face of an organized illegal invasion will be?
    In any event the military’s role will have to be one in passive support of Border Patrol/Customs operations though, again, there are workarounds that would allow Guard/Reserve/Active Duty to take a more active role if the need be.
    I’m just waiting to see what Moonbeam’s reaction to the Guard sealing his border with Mexico will be – remember, he thinks that border’s HIS and not the US’s. The caravan hitting Tijuana and not someplace in Texas, New Mexico or Arizona was well thought out. These caravaneers would have more likely been stopped at the other states while – especially if it were previously worked out – there’d more likely be a confrontation of some sort at the California border. It’s a stretch but I wouldn’t put it past Moonbeam to use the CA Guard to hinder the Feds protecting the border. What’s he got to lose?


  3. jeans2nd says:

    Moved to outside Sierra Vista as a double – just Wicked Son and I. We had a marvelous home, w/lg front & back yards and a horse corral, grass even. (and cacti…)

    The first week of work included a personal in-my-office mtg with one of the GSs, a local first-gen Mex-heritage guy, really nice. LV advised how to deal w/the “locals” cutting through my yards, as they would be (and did). LV then told stories of what happened to people who did not “cooperate.” WS still has not heard these stories, nor will he.

    Anyway, apparently this was not SOP for contractors, but for some reason, LV took pity on me. Was sure glad LV did. A Marine on an Army base working with a Navy LT for an AF Major. Who knows? The people in Sierra Vista were really nice – mostly retired Army. Nothing like the DOE snobs in Bethel Park.
    Anyway, people have no idea how bad it really is on the AZ border until one has actually lived there for a while.

    Hopefully the NG will not need to “guard” with both hands tied behind their back and wearing blindfolds this time.
    Prayers for the NG


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