Authorities: Bombing suspect was Pflugerville resident Mark A. Conditt

I’m sure we will be hearing much more about this person, but this is the news right now.


The suspected Austin serial bomber who apparently killed himself early Wednesday as authorities closed in on him was Pflugerville resident Mark A. Conditt, local and federal law enforcement sources told the American-Statesman and KVUE.

As the sun rose, neighbors of the 23-year-old, who was home-schooled growing up and went to Austin Community College, struggled to wrap their minds around the news that authorities were linking him to the bombings.

Conditt received a degree from Austin Community College’s Northridge Campus and had worked at Crux Semiconductor in Austin as a “purchasing Agent/buyer/shipping and receiving,” according to a profile on a job recruiting website. He previously worked as a computer repair technician.

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8 Responses to Authorities: Bombing suspect was Pflugerville resident Mark A. Conditt

  1. michellc says:

    So now they’re going to be claiming home schooled kids are terrorists.

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    • stella says:

      I thought the same thing. They have already made a big deal about his skin color.

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      • michellc says:

        Sadly it was my first thought when I read he was home schooled.

        If it comes out he was a crazed liberal then they will drop the story like a hot potato. Much like the school shooting they were ready to cover around the clock until they found out a good guy with a gun killed and stopped the bad guy with a gun.


  2. Lucille says:

    Next will be his religion. I hate to even speculate, but his mother mentioning that he might go on a mission perhaps indicates the family is either Evangelical or LDS.

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    • MSM speculates every single time — that it’s a right-winger. They’re always wrong.

      This time, for the first time in 40 years, they hit the jackpot they’ve been waiting for.

      Why are we always right when we speculate, and they’re always wrong?

      Guy runs over a bunch of people with a rented truck. Yep, we were all correct in our assumptions. He was following the Religion of Peace, and not a right-wing wacko.

      A riot in a Chuck E Cheese or IHOP? Yup. We were all correct in our assumptions. It was not white people, hispanic people, or asian people.

      I don’t believe that speculation is wrong. It’s called thinking.


  3. Everyone in the MSM is happy, very happy, right now.

    Finally. The one they’ve been waiting for, all these decades.

    It’s always been a disappointment to them, all these leftists and marxists and Muslims who we found out weeks later did all the killing, after they crossed their fingers and wished otherwise.

    They’re all clinking champagne flutes right now, in celebration. Finally! After all these decades, a right-winger (or someone who can be tied to the right) kills people, like they wished in vain in every former case.

    They will expose themselves this week, with how happy they are that this happened.

    And they will lose most of what’s left of their itty-bitty credibility. They can’t help it.

    And? This guy will turn out to be a lefty, rebelling against his homeschool-Christ-centered beginnings, turned atheist. That’s my prediction. 96-hour rule.


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