Gift Week, Day Three – Weird Gifts


Remember Ralphie’s bunny suit? A well-intentioned gift from a doting aunt, in whose memory Ralph lives forever as a toddler.

I don’t think I ever received anything that strange; one of my daughter’s wedding gifts is a contender: a cookie jar shaped like James Dean that contained a cassette of Boz Scaggs’ tunes.


A brief query of the internet, however, results in an almost endless list of odd, weird, strange, and unsettling gifts.

Consider a pencil sharpener; a fine gift for the office.

PencilSharpenerHow about a knife holder for your ex-wife:

ExKnifeHolderDoes your husband need something to do during his morning ablutions?

SodokuToiletRollGame for two?

ThumbWrestlingFor the finicky gourmet, a food sniffer will let you know when your dinner is going bad:

food snifferI don’t know who you could give these to, but perhaps your cat would like them?

ratslippersAnother suggestion for your cat:


Perhaps one of these would be the perfect gift for a relative, or last minute secret Santa gift? Maybe this one for your liberal cousin or sister-in-law?



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4 Responses to Gift Week, Day Three – Weird Gifts

  1. lovely says:

    I’m enjoying your Christmas gift ideas Stella (even though I have not yet started my shopping 😬) . For our first Christmas together I bought my husband dinosaur slippers that roared when he walked.
    My mom’s dogs were not amused 🙂 .

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Can’t think of a weird gift. Underwear and socks are so common no one thinks they are weird in my family. Raised on skunk, crave skunk! And re-gifting solved any number of mistakes, just don’t tell your mother you gave the ?thing to the Bad Santa party at work.

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  3. Me and my brother got a brand new computer for Christmas, twice. The first time, it was a Coleco ADAM. The biggest fail in personal computer history, bar none, and a longtime industry joke.

    The second time, Dad ordered us, from Montgomery Ward, a Commodore 128, the 1571 drive the 15″ CRT monitor, and an Okidata printer. First, just after Christmas, we got the printer. Couple months later we got the drive. A month later we got the monitor. By June we had the actual C128.

    (The second time, it was actually a really cool computer, pre-Microsoft/IBM dominance, and way better than their product for quite a while. Then there was the Amiga 1000. That was a beast that was used by even TV stations for their on-screen graphics. I bought that one with my own money, at 19.)

    My Dad had the same instincts I do when buying stuff, but I hope I learned from his mistakes.

    [an aside below]

    We are so blessed, today. Our telecom costs (we used to have to pay a lot per minute to call two towns away), our shipping costs and quickness, our industry and productivity, our instant access to all the information in the world. So blessed. Access to all the info in the world is also conferred upon all the current and future authors, artists, painters, videographers, musicians, builders, architects, et al. All their work will absolutely increase in quality. And soon.


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