Governor Abbott: Texas gunman not legally able to buy firearms

In answer to Elizabeth Warren, and other progressives who desire to deny guns to lawful citizens, the fact is that existing law was sufficient to stop legal purchase of a firearm by the perpetrator in the shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Yesterday’s shooter in Texas was legally not able to purchase firearms and had, in fact, been denied a Texas state gun permit.

“Current law, as it exists right now, should have prevented him from being able to get a gun,” Governor Abbott said in an interview with “CBS This Morning.”

“I can tell you that before he made this purchase, he tried to get a gun permit in the state of Texas and was denied that permit.”

Because Texas does not require a permit to purchase or own firearms, Abbott’s reference appears to be to a request to carry a gun.

Federal law prohibits the sale of firearms to certain people, including felons, spousal abusers, undocumented immigrants and the severely mentally ill. Licensed gun dealers are required to screen potential buyers through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, an FBI-run database created by Congress in 1993.

Devin Kelley had been court martialed by the Air Force for assault on his wife and child in 2012. He spent a year in a military prison and was given a reduction in rank. In 2014, Kelley received a bad conduct discharge.

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20 Responses to Governor Abbott: Texas gunman not legally able to buy firearms

  1. stella says:

    My personal opinion is that laws governing the mentally ill should be reviewed, and mental institutions rebuilt.

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  2. lovely says:

    An NRA member has never once committed a mass shooting. NRA members save lives.

    Pocahontas is licking her chops at the 2020 presidential election. Good news for us keep moving to the Left you crazy democrats.

    The mental health issue is too overwhelming for me to even think about right now. We have failed our mentally ill citizens.

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  3. lovely says:

    Because Texas does not require a permit to purchase or own firearms, Abbott’s reference appears to be to a request to carry a gun.

    You need a permit to carry a hand gun in Texas, no permit in needed to carry rifles or shotguns.

    Interesting fact I just found out is that parts of IL have constitutional carry. I didn’t know that in fact IL is supposed to be one of the least gun friendly states in the union, interesting it must be down south where they still are capable of rational thought.


    • stella says:

      Michigan requires a permit for concealed carry, but not open carry or for long guns. In Michigan other jurisdictions (cities, counties) are forbidden to pass gun laws that are different from those passed by the state.

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      • lovely says:

        WI has open carry but you can’t conceal carry without a conceal carry permit. Which is problematic. Many people conceal carry in no carry zones even though it is a felony.

        Legislation has been introduced to do away with the gun free school zones. If I have my gun in my car and I drive onto public school property, conceal license or not I am committing a felony. There is legislation on the table to allow for people to carry a gun in their car on public school property otherwise if you are out you have to drive home put your gun away and then return to the school to pick up your kid.


        There s also a fight going on for constitutional carry here. President Trump (when he has time) I believe will influence congress to pass reciprocal carry law for all 50 states, as it should be IMO. If Trump gets his second term I expect constitutional carry to be the law of the land. We will see.

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  4. Sharon says:

    The problem with reality is that the anti-gun, anti-Trump, anti-normalAmerican base of the democrat party believes strongly that denying constitutional liberty to everyone will be a useful thing with regard to gun violence.

    It doesn’t matter how stupid the arguments are (vs. reality) when they have a large base that is quite content to accept the arguments and use them to advance their anti-liberty program (or pogrom – that works, too).

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  5. John Denney says:

    Warren should be required to walk Boston alone on foot after dark, armed only with what a citizen may legally carry without a permit. Newmarket Square would be a good place to start.
    That may adjust her perspective.

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  6. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    Wasn’t Reagan responsible for shutting down all of the mental institutions long ago? Why? These need to be brought back, but only if they can prove you need help. It’s a real conundrum, because a lot of people were institutionalized that didn’t need to be, but too many have fallen through the cracks and are living homeless in the streets, unable to take their meds properly or, like this guy, just ignored. I really have no solution, but there are a lot of people out there that are smarter than me about this subject.
    I feel like this guy fell through the cracks some how. He should never have had a gun, but I personally know of someone whom I feel shouldn’t have a gun, but I’m no doctor!


    • joshua says:

      The Sutherland Springs shooter has apparently been mentally ill throughout his high school years and his parents apparently kept him prescriptioned up with all manner of meds….he has beat his wife, fractured the scull of her baby, beat up his dog, and was separated from his second wife, who came from Sutherland Springs and whose family he was having internet arguments with. The guy was nuts. He and his father apparently had really bad relations too. makes sense…the dad is an IT guy…..


    • Lucille says:

      Jacqueline, Reagan wasn’t responsible for that during his Presidency. Such facilities are a states’ rights issue.

      He did, however, during his governorship of California close several state facilities in favor of locally-based facilities. The problem arose when the various CA counties didn’t have such facilities and both the mentally ill and developmentally disabled began living on the streets. This was one of the failures of Reagan’s two terms as governor.

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      • Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

        Thanks for letting me know. A quick google, and all I saw was Reagan crap!. I think it’s been a fail all around. I personally know families that suffer going through problems with mental health issues, and really have a lot of sympathy for them. It must be so hard to have someone you love having to deal with some of these issues, and you can’t get any help unless you have a lot of money. It’s the same with drug and alcohol problems.

        I have a friend who can’t deal with her 2 year old, because he is a bit hyper. The child is so normal, it’s not even funny, but their work hours cause the poor little guy to not have a regular sleep pattern! A child can’t watch himself 24/7! She wants to get a doctor to medicate him so he will sleep when they want him to, not when he needs to! It makes me so angry, but there is nothing I can do because he’s not even related to me. If I were to say anything, I would definitely be “persona non grata”.

        I see what is going on these days with the way people are raising their children, and it’s no wonder why there are so many problems with people these days! I can only pray that eyes can be opened to the craziness going on!


    • czarowniczy says:

      Deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill began in the mid-50s when antipsychotic drugs were first marketed and ramped up with the inauguration of Medicare and Medicaid. What RR did was to get the Feds out of the providing mental health business by giving the states block grants, making them responsible for taking care of their own people. We can see how well that worked out,

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    • lovely says:

      The problem wasn’t that there were people in the institutions that shouldn’t be there the problem was the people who decided that delusional people should make their own decisions.

      The liberals who decided that the State was bullying people by forcing them to medicate were the elites and as usual didn’t see outside of their own little world.

      The most successful and fulfilling lives of the mentally ill are lived with a huge amount of family support, stellar insurance, great doctors and healthy right ordered group homes or meetings. The liberal elites deluded themselves into thinking if they locked the mentally ill out of institutions then suddenly the ideal situation of a loving strong rich family and all the perks that went along with it would suddenly materialize out of thin air. The reality was that most of these people had long severed ties with their families and their mental illness made most of them friendless, it is rare for people to distinguish an illness from a personal insult or fault to the point where they are willing to make the extra effort to befriend someone with an unbalanced brain.

      Anyhow most of the people “freed” by the liberals gracious deed ended up off their meds and on the streets or in jail.

      I have opportunity to visit a locked ward rather frequently and as far as I have seen everyone there needs around the clock monitoring. Not say institutions are ideal they are not, And there were lots of bad ones, but what were doing now is horrible.

      I have a great story to tell but I’m too tired tonight.

      Just my thoughts.

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  7. Lucille says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Texas Massacre Hero, Stephen Willeford, Describes Stopping Gunman | Louder With Crowder

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