Happy 70th Anniversary to The United States Air Force!

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36 Responses to Happy 70th Anniversary to The United States Air Force!

  1. auscitizenmom says:


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  2. joshua says:

    stealthy if you are stone deaf….

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  3. joshua says:

    now….my oldest son retired after 20 years in the USAF as a full colonel….so I AM a big USAF fan.

    that said…..there was a time when we were young and sang the Jr. Birdman Song…

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    World of coincidence. Earlier this afternoon I was digging around the internet, following a thread, when I ran across a story in the Palm Beach Post Times about a plane crash I vividly remember from my childhood. I think I even posted about it some years back next door.
    We were out playing ball on a grass strip between our housing area and the end of the runway at the old Palm Beach AFB. We heard a plane landing, nothing new or to get distracted about, but seconds later there was another strange noise and, when we looked up, there was a KC-97 aflame and ready to crash into the runway. As we watched it flew down the flightline, hit, tumbled, exploded into flame and crashed thru the fence.
    Story we got was the pilot had some sort of inflight emergency, tried to make an emergency landing but hit a runway marker light on a pole at the end of the runway and, in fighting to keep the plane from veering off into the housing on the east and north or the civilian terminal on the south, the crew sacrificed themselves. I’ve told that story a lot thru the years, seeing something like that unfold in front of you when you’re ten and your father flies in thise planes…tends to stay with you.
    The Post story featured the pilots son and other family members coming yo the crash dite some 60 years later, visiting the crash site and placing sone flowers there. Just on a whim out of nowhere I looked up the son’s name and…there it was, his address and email.
    On the same whim I emailed him and he respobded within minutes. So far this afternoon I’ve been able to fill in one blank spot regarding the crash no one’s been able to explain to the family. All of this on the Air Force’s birthday.

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  5. Lucille says:

    Always having been into history, one of my favorite Generals as a teenager was Henry Harley “Hap” Arnold…probably because he was so handsome. LOL!

    This is Arnold in 1923:

    A short article….
    General Henry H. ‘Hap’ Arnold: Architect of America’s Air Force

    And a YT ( in an official-sounding 1950s manner)

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    Everyone marvels at the pilots of the USAF, and rightly so. Those guys deserve every bit of awe and respect given them, and more.

    Our “school” was very small, included all 5 services. Everyone knew, one only joined the USAF b/c only the USAF would accept you (much inter-service rivalry, you understand).

    Wicked Son’s FIL was USAF enlisted, a truck driver. Not very glamorous, nothing about which to write home.
    WS’s FIL drove the atomic bombs from the plant where the atomic bombs were assembled and drove those bombs, sometimes cross-country, to the waiting airbase. Just a dumb old truck driver. Never said what he drove while in-country Vietnam.
    Happy Birthday USAF.

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