Vice President Pence Speaks at NASA’s 2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement

HOUSTON (NASA PR) — After evaluating a record number of applications, NASA will introduce its new astronaut candidates at 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 7, from the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The astronaut candidates will join acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot, Johnson Center Director Ellen Ochoa, and Flight Operations Director Brian Kelly on stage at the event, which will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

Following the announcement, media in attendance will have the opportunity to speak with experts about the astronaut selection and training processes, and spacecraft in which the new astronauts could fly. In addition, tours of Johnson’s astronaut training facility will be offered.

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3 Responses to Vice President Pence Speaks at NASA’s 2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement

  1. shiloh1973 says:

    Something you need to know. I am not someone who cries at the drop of a dime. I was born in 1955. I remember my Dad taking me outside to watch Sputnik go over head. I was forever hooked on space travel. We were one of the few households in my small town to have a TV. It was a small oval screen with really bad picture in our basement. I remember by older brothers second grade class coming to our house to watch John Glenn launch into space and return. I was hooked.
    I watched every launch after that. I watched in horror as they looked for Grissom. I mourned the loss of Grissom, White, and Chafee after the fire. I watched in wonderment as Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon. I cried when Challenger exploded. May God protect this new group of American Astronauts, who will take us to new heights.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    This one is actually mostly for Tundra, as it concerns two of the new astronauts, but one in particular, so this wld be the correct post for this comment.

    “Growing up in Alaska is absolutely incredible….there’s honestly no other place in the world I’d rather live more than Alaska. Some of the great parts about it are the adventurous people that you find yourself surrounded by…the spirit of people that you’re with. A lot of people spend time flying their own planes around the state, going on adventurous trips. And I think that whole spirit (is) for adventure and exploration…”

    “Maybe you could say I’m not very smart, because what gave me the space bug was actually doing a project on the Columbia disaster back in undergrad…”

    The other ‘naut profiled is a microbiologist.
    “Figuring out how to do science on another planet”
    “It gives you very practical experience working on ships.”

    “just pursue something that you love. Because if you wake up curious and excited every morning, you’re going to be really happy no matter what the end result is…Just pursue whatever interests you…it’s possible. So you just have to go for it.”

    See, Stella? We really are paying attention, you just do not see us…
    Thanks for the post.

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