President Trump Gives Remarks on His Infrastructure Initiative – 1:20 pm


President Trump is scheduled to speak at Rivertowne Marina in Cincinnati regarding his plans for infrastructure improvements, which includes federal grants to rural areas as well as to states and localities to create additional funding for projects, according to a preview of the speech provided by the White House. The President is expected to discuss repairing the 12,000-mile inland waterway system, which the Ohio River is part of, as well as his ideas for improving the country’s infrastructure as a whole.

 President Trump has called for a $1 trillion initiative to overhaul the country’s roads and bridges.


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3 Responses to President Trump Gives Remarks on His Infrastructure Initiative – 1:20 pm

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    It seems fairly apparent that the trend is toward public-private partnerships. Good, bad, or indifferent, this is going to become ugly.

    Using communications as an example, review our history. Telegraph companies installed poles, wires, etc., for electronic communications. Telephone was invented, and the wars for control of the wires began. Telegraph/telephone infrastructure actually existed before the electric grid.

    Government became involved by using interstate commerce regulations and monoploy legislation. Which, essentially, became a public-private partnership, imo.

    We now see public-private partnerships as part of public policy, through the recent actions of HUDSec Ben Carson and initiatives such as this and the recent airport infrastructure initiative.

    If memory serves, Obama tried to do public-private partnerships, but there was no glory so it was abandoned.

    Public-private partnerships seem to be the pragmatic solution to repeating the lessons learned from the hundred-plus years worth of trial-and-error telecommunication litigation/legislation/regulation wars to date.

    Enter Louisville, KY. Louisville has been trying to find a way to install a fiber backbone for the city, and has been trying to form a small public-private partnership to accomplish this goal. AT&T/Google are in litigation already. Enter the Koch Bros and their lobbyists. The Kochs want it their way or the highway, which means no one receives any fiber backbone.

    A TechRepublic writer descibes the entire Louisville, KY debacle well, and succinctly.

    There are no good conclusions, or even summation, to all this, so,
    The End.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    I was never sure exactly what Obama was trying to accomplish until near the end of his terms. So his infrastructure work I think was a ruse.


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