Wikileaks Press Conference, January 9, 2017


If better quality audio/video becomes available, I will share it here.

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19 Responses to Wikileaks Press Conference, January 9, 2017

  1. stella says:

    Who’s really behind the Russian Hacking Controversy?

    Back in 2009 I wrote a column titled ‘Gullible America’. It was at the height of the swine flu hysteria and I reminded readers of the similar panic aroused by the baseless SARS scare that predicted massive deaths here. I had just read David Baldacci’s novel, ‘The Whole Truth’ and encountered the phrase, ‘perception manipulators’. The novel centers on a megalomaniac billionaire who is able to control events by using the Internet and the media to create chaos which, in turn, benefit him monetarily. . Only one billionaire fits that description and it’s not Donald Trump.

    Interesting viewpoint from Alicia Colon.

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    • stella says:

      Responding to a question of what he would like to see Obama do in his final days, Mr Assange said to ensure that records are not destroyed.

      He said: “We are told the destruction of records is happing now in different departments of the Obama administration.

      Such information is part of our history and belongs legally and philosophically to the American people, and more broadly in respect of US dealings with the world, it belongs to the world.

      “It is part of human history and its destruction should be formely listed as a crime.”

      “One can understand the political motivation for it, but to eliminate small political risks by destroying many elements of history is frankly an obscenity.

      “So we have put out a reward for $30,000 fopr information leading to the arrest or exposure of anyone engaged in such destruction of historical records.

      “Our request to system administrators in the Obama admininstration is to take the data now – keep it under your bed, or with your mother, and you can give it to Wikileaks or other journalists at your leisure.

      “It belongs to humanity not a political party.”

      Mr Assange also slammed a CIA report which claimed the Russian Government had leaked tens of thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s Democrat (DNC) campaign team to Wikileaks in the run up to the US presidential election.

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      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        Stella, solve the Seth Rich murder, then you will know who is pulling the strings behind the curtain.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        I get hot under the collar every time I hear they are destroying databases. Databases that we have PAID handsomely for. They are doing it with all kinds of things. It really makes me want to wring necks and bang heads together.


  2. lovely says:

    IMO the most salient truth of the entire interview which Julian makes is that the document widely being touted as an “Intelligence Report” is in the most basic and honest terms not an intelligence report at all but rather a press release clearly designed for political affect. Everything else falls into proper perspective after that truth is realized.

    The propaganda is an open sourced document, it is an analysis of publicly known and previously reported on information, brought to a conclusion that was preordained before the first letter of “In conclusion” was ever typed out.

    It is as Assange says important to understand that there is no evidence as in zip zero nada in the “report” that supports the opinion reached or rather alluded to in the conclusion of the report.

    Every country with major intelligence agencies attempts to hack and successfully hacks other countries. It is the way of world. That is the objective conclusion of the “facts” presented in the press release being masqueraded as an intelligence report.

    Julian also deftly analyzes the timing and deliberate conflation of “facts” by the authors of the report by calling attention to the beginning of the leaked Podesta emails into perspective. Wikileaks, Russia, the DNC, RNC, Soros, all PTB had no inkling that Trump would be the nominee in 2015 when the emails began to be made public. That puts a critical boot on the neck of the accepted conclusions of the intent of the leaks. Or as Julian eloquently put it, it puts A great fog in connecting Wiki to Russia and Russia to the election in America.

    The report is a big nothing burger and it is an even bigger nothing burger without maliciously attributing intent to the leaks.

    Julian thinks and speaks like an attorney. He is concrete whereas most people are viewing and interpreting the “report” in the abstract. Julian reminds us that the “report” is worded in such a way that no factual assertions are made to its conclusion, rather the “report” if read objectively states that its own conclusions are speculative conflations.

    The propaganda value of the report is literally the only value that the genesis of the “report” could have hoped it would have as there is zero evidentiary weight to it. It carries zero legal weight.

    The silver lining as Assange said is that the CIA, DOJ and FBI all validate Wikileaks as the “report” proves true that the emails released by them are legitimate and that both Donna Brazille and Tim Kaine lied when they said that the emails attributed to them were “falsified.”

    Offering a $30,000 reward to anyone preserving documents that Obama is trying to destroy is brilliant. I imagine that Obama is as well liked as Hillary by those he lords power over, my guess is that someone who Obama has spit on will bite.

    There is also this beautiful little nugget tucked in all those words;

    Assange: “It is absolutely false that Wikileaks had access to RNC emails and chose not to leak them.” I suspect that announcement made a lot of MSM, DNC and PTB sigh in despair.

    So we come down to a press release, disguised as an intelligence report, of absolutely no legal or evidentiary value, designed to do as Assange said two things 1) Keep the illegitimate liberal oligarchs in power and 2) delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

    Obama has prosecuted journalists under the espionage act 3 times more than all the previous administrations combined. This “report” is about an out of control regime trying to to retain some semblance of power and perhaps keep themselves from charges of treason or dereliction of duty.

    Remember it is rumored that after the Matt Lauer interview Hillary Clinton said “If he (Trump) wins we will all hang.” I for one do not believe that it is far fetched that Clinton, Obama, Holder. Lynch and all those in their inner circle are guilty of crimes against humanity and the United States of America.

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  3. derk says:

    Thanks Stella, glad you posted this.
    He is definitely not a fan of Donald Trump, and stated several hesitations and even predicted further persecution of freedoms of speech, along with a co-mingling of already established powers. I hope not. But I have been naïve most of my life, truly believing in God, mom and dad, apple pie and the good ol’ American way.
    I believe there is now a revolution building, and people such as Assange are the ones now firing the “shots heard ’round the world.” Snowden as well. As you stated above, the destroying of the documents, the historical records by both parties, is really despicable, infuriating and a true tell of how absolutely corrupt the people are who we’ve allowed to “govern’ us.
    Truth is the only thing that matters, and the only ones who can’t handle the truth are the ones covering up the truth. It is insane. Assange referred to them doing so to save themselves from “small political risks”, but I believe now, that they are HUGE. If made known to the citizenry, there would be executions. Not of Assange and Snowden as the elites are calling for, but of the deplorable scum themselves.
    My hope now is that these truths are broadcast far and wide, and there is a true “drain the swamp” movement. I’m sure we all will be watching the new president as much as you all have done for the past administrations. I hope as well he doesn’t disappoint.
    I put a lot of trust and faith in him, as many have, and I hope that he surprises us as much as he has up to this point. That is a lot of hopes, we shall see.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      derk, I understand how you feel about Snowden, but having been in a position very similar to Snowden’s with the same access, I would never have done what Snowden did, as there are many other, legal, options available. Personally, I would like to strangle Snowden. Professionally, I would like to see Snowden back in the U.S. where he cannot do any more damage.

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      • derk says:

        Hi Jean,
        Appreciate the discussion and your point of view. If you were to ask me 6 years ago, heck 3 years ago I was of the same opinion. But to me now, there is no rule of law in this land that is true for all.
        An outright criminal was almost elected president, and is still celebrated coast to coast, evidence the standing O she received at the play tonight. The lies and propaganda machine are in overdrive. Most people either are blind, as I was, or too busy to look. So long as they have their MTV and NFL everything is good.
        The world is so upside down, I don’t believe there is any chance a “legal” exposure of what our government is actually doing would ever be allowed. See Seth Rich. And while it would be a better scenario to have these whistleblowers act according to more proper channels, as most here would love to see happen, again, not allowed. See the FBI investigations of late.
        I believe Assange and Snowden have put their lives on the line to stop the insanity. Trump as well. I can see the hesitancy to call them heroes, again though the truth is covered up and the lies are put forth.
        I also believe there are contingency plans in place to see that their regime continues, and for that reason I am in stockpile mode, again, as many here are or should be doing.
        My hope is it doesn’t come to that. But my gut says no. And while I said a few days ago that it was going to be a “fun” ride, the cleaning up of DC and the world as a whole, I don’t see it happening, peaceably. My two cents.
        Have a good evening

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          I agree with you, Derk. This is a different time in history. We have to fight so much of the world just to find out what the truth is. I believe that Snowden would have been Seth Rich’d if he hadn’t left the country. And, we would never have known the truth because the people he would have had to given the information to would have buried it and had him jailed or killed.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Stella, thank you for posting this. Being back in my hermitage, I do not care to read much on the interwebz anymore. This saves me from hunting for it.

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