TRUMPED MEDIA Stages of Grief #1: Denial

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18 Responses to TRUMPED MEDIA Stages of Grief #1: Denial

  1. michellc says:

    Maybe if the media and establishment left their bubbles and mingled with deplorable, racist, sexist, homophobe, misogynist, islamophobe, uneducated white klan voters they would have known Killary and the commies were going to lose this round.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    They were so twisted up in their little world that they never stopped to pay attention to We the People

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign crew told her not to take Michigan for granted

    To go to Flint Michigan and fix their water problem through the Clinton foundation

    Hillary said no
    Hillary lost Michigan

    …PS…rumor has it that Paul Ryan may not have the 218 votes he needs for Speaker 😭 boo hoo

    Vote is on for tomorrow

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    • michellc says:

      I called not only my congressman, but every Oklahoma congressman today and voiced my opinion that every county in this state voted for Trump which means we voted for a wall, deporting illegals, and a stop to Moslem refugees, as well as we voted against TPP, amnesty and the establishment. So we voted against everything Paul Ryan stands for.
      He is not who we are and their vote would determine if they’re who we are or who Paul Ryan is.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      If ‘we the people’ were smart enough to pour copy from a boot they wouldn’t have to waste their valuable time endlessly explaining to us what;s really going on.


  3. amwick says:

    Guess they are lying in the bed they made, the bums..

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    “He can’t…..he can’t…….he can’t”………………………..”Wrong”. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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  5. MaryfromMarin says:



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  6. MaryfromMarin says:

    BTW, this is great:

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  7. Pam says:

    I wish I could believe that our only problem with these people is that they are all in denial and living in their own bubble, but I think with many of them that it’s worse than that. I think many of these people well understand our thinking and our ideals and our views of what this country should be. They just don’t agree with it and they want it to die off and go away, the same way WE feel about the progressive/globalist ideology and their plans and efforts. It’s not that they don’t see us, but more that they are willing to help defeat us. After paying attention for 40 years, I no longer believe there’s enough common ground left for us to be able to co-exist. I want the progressive/globalist/communist/whateverist powers, policies and politicians, along with the groups that help them, squashed and beaten down so that they can never effectively come back. I don’t know if I even think it could realistically happen, but it IS what I want. For decades I’ve watched these people play a long game of marginalizing, ridiculing, gaslighting, steering people’s attention, stomping on the ideas and beliefs of people like me and doing everything they can to try influence us to think in certain ways. I don’t think they’ve been living in a bubble. I think they’ve been waging war. I didn’t start out with this way of thought at all. It took years and years for me to reach these conclusions.

    They don’t want a country where we can all have our own opinions and seek our own solutions at local, state and national levels. They don’t want an America that looks in any way like the America we want. They want an America where we have been reprogrammed to think that gay marriage is just great, where we will encourage little boys to believe they’re little girls, where there is no such thing in our minds as an illegal immigrant. For 30 years I’ve seen conservatives remain “shocked” and upset at how biased and unfair these people are. We kept thinking if we exposed their bias it would somehow shame them or stop them. It never worked. We kept thinking they didn’t understand things correctly and if we all explained it enough they would change. These people spread out across our nation and wormed their way into every area of our lives. They wouldn’t leave us alone in our states or even our own towns. They got up in our faces and into our business at every level – our churches, our bakery shops, our children’s t-shirts in schools, local government buildings with a Christian symbol on the premises, nativity scenes in public parks, even to trying to shut down our right to use words in our speech that they didn’t like. Today if some non-black person in a podunk town we’ve never heard of says the “n” word out in public (which I don’t personally like to hear), that person has a chance of showing up on the national evening news. They didn’t just report the news and slant it. They went out and helped find the news to further the agenda. They had no problem even making it up. They had no problem using their bully pulpit to inflame and encourage others to be violent and destructive. They filled our tv channels with propaganda in every space they had, down to children’s tv programs and sitcoms. They tried every way they could to get us to change the way we think and what we believe, and all you have to do is look at our younger people to see how successful they have been.

    My mother used to rant and rave about how dangerous and destructive the mainstream media were. I agreed with her basic political views, but I thought she was a nut when it came to her opinion of media. I used to argue with her all the time about them. She’s gone on to a better place now, and I can’t say it to her, but I will say now that I have come to believe she was right and I was wrong. I think they’ve taken a big hit, but I don’t think they are anywhere near being debunked and defeated. Just remember our President-Elect chose 60 Minutes for his first public media appearance. (And I know all the reasoning and explanations that have been put out, but I don’t really buy them.)


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