First Presidential Debate LIVE from Hofstra University 9/26/16


When is the presidential debate?

The first of three presidential debates is Monday, Sept. 26 at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York. Two more debates are set for Oct. 9 and Oct. 19.

What time does the debate start?

Each of the three presidential debates begins at 9 p.m. ET and ends at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Who will take part in the presidential debates?

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump will be the only participants. Libertarian Gary Johnson and Jill Stein of the Green Party failed to make the cut based on their results in the most recent major polling.


How can I watch the debate?

The first debate will be broadcast live on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC broadcast stations, as well as CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News and MSNBC. It will also be streamed live at and and on the NBC News apps on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire. You can also watch in virtual reality on NBC News’ Virtual Democracy Plaza.

Who will serve as moderators of this year’s debates?

Lester Holt of NBC News will moderate the first debate. ABC News’ Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper will co-anchor the second presidential debate. Fox News’ Chris Wallace will moderate the third. Meanwhile, Elaine Quijano of CBS News will serve as moderator for a vice presidential debate between Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine on Oct. 4.




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125 Responses to First Presidential Debate LIVE from Hofstra University 9/26/16

  1. Wooly Phlox says:

    Debate Odds, courtesy AoSHQ:

    PROPOSITION: ODDS (amount paid: for amount wagered)

    Hillary wears something white: 3:1

    Hillary wears something ill-fitting and ghastly: even

    Hillary wears something that looks like she stole it from a homeless ghost cursed to haunt the earth until she tells 10,001 lies: 9:1

    Trump says “Believe me:” 1:3

    Trump pays himself a compliment, and adds “You all know, you’ve all said this many many times yourself:” 1:2

    Trump says his dick smells like frankincense and winning: 10:1

    Trump says his dick smells like frankincense and winning, then adds “You all know, you’ve all said this many many times yourself:” 25:1

    Trump exhales loudly through his nose when the camera’s not on him: 2:1

    Trump exhales so loudly through his nose you an Amber Alert goes out for an immigrant child running out of air tied up inside his podium: 13:1

    Hillary talks some bullshit smack like “You ask MOAMAR QADAFFI if he thinks I’m tough enough!:” 3:2

    Hillary talks some bullshit smack like “You ask VINCE FOSTER if he thinks I’m tough enough!:” 40:1

    Trump denies voting for the Iraq War: No bets accepted (guaranteed)

    Hillary denies voting for the Iraq War: 7:1

    Hillary has a cough: 1:6

    Hillary has a wet cough: 3:2

    Hillary coughs up something that looks like lung and Scrapple: 10:1


  2. derk says:

    Everyone up for the kickoff! Bigger than the Super Bowl, so excited!.

    By the way, I just opened a jar of pickles, and I must say, as far as jars go on initial opening, a pickle jar is fairly easy. Just saying. Enjoy!!!

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  3. Col.(R) Ken says:

    I’m in!!!

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  4. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Here’s a link…

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  5. lovely says:

    Hillary’s eye was wonky for her first answer, and she has attacked Trump several times already.

    Never mind Hillary’s eye still wonky.

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  6. lovely says:

    Lester on the attack.

    Hillary wonky and angry.

    Trump rational and befuddling both of them.

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  7. michellc says:

    I missed the first of it, someone called and wouldn’t get off the phone. Tuned in and Trump was answering how to bring back businesses and Hillary was looking at him with weird head bobbing and eye blinking.

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  8. michellc says:

    Didn’t we already try solar panels?

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  9. michellc says:

    Thought about it for 30 years. lol

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  10. derk says:

    Wow, he is hammerin’ her.

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  11. Col.(R) Ken says:

    The TTP now he’s attacking, throttle back Trump, ……..

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  12. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Is that the Hilllabeast????

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  13. lovely says:

    For those of you not watching Holt is attacking Trump.

    Clinton is pissed already šŸ‘šŸ¾. Clinton tried to tout Bill Clinton’s economy and Bill Clinton’s record and Trump shut her up by saying he gave us NAFTA.

    Clinton and Trump fighting over whether or not NAFTA is good or bad and whether or not Hillary is a a fat liar who supports NAFTA. Hillary plugging her book šŸ˜‚.

    Trump relentless.

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  14. ImpeachEmAll says:

    An hour to go.

    Will the meds last?

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  15. lovely says:

    Audience with Trump šŸ‘šŸ¾

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  16. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Too Funny…

    Trump to killary:

    You have been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.

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  17. michellc says:

    Little late, but it cracked me up when she kept on about her fact checker.

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  18. lovely says:

    Hillary just called Trump crazy. She is going in and out of her near shriek nasal voice and the Joker smile keeps emerging.

    Trump talking over Clinton, not sure how well that will play with undecideds.

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  19. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Why not?

    Say more crazy things

    Let’s start the clock, again.

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  20. lovely says:

    Anyone else see Hillary fade for a moment there?

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  21. derk says:

    She is pretty canned, make me wonder at least, how “secret” the questions were. Her first question and reply was so well laid out, either she IS better than I ever thought, or she’s a cheat.

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  22. michellc says:

    I’ve never understood why anyone cares about their taxes.

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  23. lovely says:

    Trump just said he will release his tax returns when Hillary releases her 33 thousand emails that she deleted and the audience cheered. Holt chastised the audience.

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  24. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Will release tax returns if
    Hillary releases 33,000 emails.

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  25. lovely says:

    Hillary just got booed for saying maybe the economy is so bad because Trump didn’t pay his Federal Income tax. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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  26. michellc says:

    Race determines all these things, yet race will give you a free education at least certain races. Obey the darn law and you won’t be in trouble with the law. Don’t reach into vehicles or point guns at cops and you won’t get shot.

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  27. lovely says:

    Trump is playing the Scott Adam’s playbook to a T.

    Holt tries to school Trump. Trump, “No you are wrong.”

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  28. derk says:

    Have to go pick up my daughter from cheerleading practice, talk to you all later.

    BTW, hate that woman on TV

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  29. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Hillary looks like
    meds are fading.
    40 minutes remain.
    Tic Toc.

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  30. lovely says:

    Ha ha! Trump just forced Hillary to say that the black communities are doing great, effectively taking the “I will save the black community” card away from Hillary.

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  31. Col.(R) Ken says:

    The right eye is moving faster when Hilllabeast moves her head……..

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  32. lovely says:

    Hillary laying out her plan to take our guns.

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  33. lovely says:

    Trump just told Hillary that it thinks it was terrible of Hillary to call black youths “Super predators”. Hillary trying to kill Trump with eye glare. Hillary’s eyes definitely wonky.

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  34. michellc says:

    WTH? He criticized her for preparing for the debate.

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  35. lovely says:

    šŸ˜‚ Trump I’ve been all over the place and you stayed home and that’s ok.”

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  36. michellc says:

    Birth certificate?

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  37. lovely says:

    Here comes the zinger. I wish Trump would have brought up Bill Clinton joining the whites only country club.

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  38. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Just saw a rear view of Hillary.
    Caboose is looking smaller.
    Double at the debate?

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  39. lovely says:

    Hillary so obviously has had this question for weeks. I hope Trump slams her to the mat.

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  40. lovely says:

    We don’t know whether Russia hacked us or if it was someone who is 400 pounds sitting on their bed. All we know is that under Barack Obama we have been hacked and damaged and we are not doing the job we should be doing.

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  41. WeeWeed says:

    She’s got an earpiece – didn’t get a shot of it.

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  42. Col.(R) Ken says:

    I had hoped Trump would go after Hilllabeast on Her server, which was the gateway into the government systems….

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  43. lovely says:

    Trump doing a good job of laying the birth of ISIS at the feet of Clinton and Obama.


  44. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Great move linking Hilllabeast with Obola, and Trump has been doing this all night…

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  45. lovely says:

    Drudge poll is up šŸ™‚

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  46. lovely says:

    Hillary giving her word to Japan and Germany. Just like she gave her word to Ambassador Stevens.

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  47. michellc says:

    He has been lobbed some softballs and swung and missed imho.

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  48. lovely says:

    IMO Trump let Hillary get away with too much, there was a lot of room for him to take her down and he didn’t. Not in the way that is recognizable to the fence sitters.

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    • michellc says:

      I thought so too. He could have buried her several times and forgot to bring the shovel. He also spent too much time responding to personal attacks and way too much about Hannity and Iraq.

      I would like to know what drugs they had her on though because they must be some good stuff.

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      • hocuspocus13 says:

        …but what does Hillary have left for debate #2 she used all her ammo tonight…

        And besides that what she said we have all heard before


        • michellc says:

          True and nobody will remember this debate anyway, but this wasn’t one of his best debates.
          I want her destroyed and he missed opportunities to do that.

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          • Cetera says:

            We all want her destroyed, but it won’t happen in a debate. It’ll happen when Trump wins.

            Trump did OK. He didn’t hurt himself. He got in some zingers. He didn’t look scary. He talked very knowledgeably about economics, trade, taxes, etc.

            I chalk this up as a WIN for Trump. We’ll see what the ratings actually are, but if 100 million people really saw Trump tonight, with a lot possibly for the first time, great! This was a great exposure for him.

            Yes, he had opportunities to really crush her, and he may have missed them, but he didn’t say anything that will come back to haunt him, he kept his composure, and he looked the part.

            Hillary didn’t do terribly, but she did look medicated and a bit off. She faded throughout the debate, didn’t look terribly steady at the end going down the stairs to her family/audience, and didn’t really do anything to help her case.

            Everyone knows who Hillary is, supporters, detractors, and undecideds. There are a lot fo people who still believe the lies about Trump, and tonight should be a step in the right direction countering them.

            Net WIN for Trump, nothing ground breaking. Trump should continue to gain in the polls.

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        • lovely says:

          Trump could have done better. Hillary will bring up new lies at the next debate. I don’t think Trump moved any fence sitters. I hope I’m wrong.

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    • derk says:

      Back, catching up. I agree, he had many opportunities. Debate is not his strong suit. Even with the high IQ, seems to me he’d be better.
      Not spouting off, but seems that many here, and next door, would do a much finer job. Then again, he always comes out smelling like a rose.

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  49. hocuspocus13 says:

    Trump could have swung a lot of mudd at Crooked Hillary

    With Russia and Uranium One
    Cyber Wars and her own email gate

    Trump refrained
    Trump showed Presidential qualities as well as class

    Stepping lightly on ground unfamiliar is very intelligent

    Trump is winning in all the polls I have seen

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016

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  50. Col.(R) Ken says:

    In the next debate, Trump needs to stand taller at the podium, stop shaking his head, and when Hilllabeast says “we have to understand the problem ” that political speech for not doing anything, let her go on with the personal attacks, link her with Obola and failed policies, then smack her down with her negativity, bring Benghazi, failed to answer the 3am phone call and other hits on her.
    Trump has won the poll over at Drudge……… Now the VP needs to be the attack dog…… Get after her record, Trump needs several Attack Dogs…..

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  51. Col.(R) Ken says:

    If Hilllabeast was wearing an ear peace, I hope Trumps people have recorded the prompts from the Hilllabeast’s people……then release it, with transcript…….

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  52. shiloh1973 says:

    Well, maybe I am just to tired right now, but the whole thing was like an orchestrated waltz. Milk toast. He could have gone for a kill shot and didn’t.

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Agree, to scripted. Also agree Trump was very measured, Hillabeast was all about negativity…….. And the same old Demo playbook. This was Hilllabeast “target the opponent an freeze it moment. More Trump on the economy…..

      Liked by 1 person

      • czarowniczy says:

        He used an econonmy of force approach. I think the win, if he gets it, will largely be people undecided now who make that choice as their fingers hover over the buttons in November. Hardcore on both sides is decided, bet he doesn’t want those fence-sitters looking at a picture of him, in their minds, nuking a sick old homicidal witch.

        Liked by 2 people

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