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President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure for Dover AFB


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Andrew Jackson defeats the British at New Orleans

TARA ROSS On this day in 1815, Americans defeat British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Did you know that we used to celebrate January 8 as a national holiday, with fireworks and celebrations, just like we do the … Continue reading

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Tweet of the day …

Real heroes in Congress. 5 eyes. 5 arms. 4 legs. All American. Welcome to Congress, @ElectJimBaird & @DanCrenshawTX. — Rep. Brian Mast (@RepBrianMast) January 3, 2019

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No more sponging off America

From Don Surber: Melanie Phillips, a British journalist, is a polite lady. She explained President Trump’s laissez-faire foreign policy in polite terms. “But for the West in general, Trump’s decision has significance far beyond Syria or Iran. It signals the … Continue reading

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President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Address US Troops in Iraq at Al Asad Air Base

A President who is committed to getting the job done and getting out of Dodge, leaving our allies in the Middle East (e.g. Saudi Arabia) to maintain the peace. Peace through strength.

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This Day in History: The Charlie Brown & Franz Stigler incident

TARA ROSS On this day in 1943, a German ace bypasses an opportunity to shoot down a U.S. Army Air Forces pilot. Second Lt. Charles “Charlie” Brown was struggling just to keep his crippled B-17 in the air! “I look … Continue reading

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Exclusive Interview: Melania Trump sits down with Hannity

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