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Here’s why CIA’s Sue Gordon had to go now

There has been some speculation why Sue Gordon is leaving the CIA on August 15. This may be the reason. The New York Times reports that there is a federal statute called Federal Vacancies Reform Act which says that if … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Many people have asked and are asking the same question. Why so little information about the killer in Vegas (58 gun downed in Oct 2017?) It almost seems like that investigation got dropped by law enforcement and the media…am I … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter hits …

I give Brit credit for this tweet, considering that he is on the list! People discerning a racist motive for Trump’s attack on Elijah Cummings are missing a key point: Trump attacks those who criticize him and his administration, black … Continue reading

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Whitaker: Barr, Ratcliffe are ‘perfect team’ to investigate Russia probe

Pretty interesting!

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Seems appropriate to me that “Defense Department” funds should be used to defend the southern border, as it strengthens national security. Nancy Pelosi disagrees. .@SpeakerPelosi A "monarch" would have taken the money without permission. Or are you including the Supreme … Continue reading

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Federal death penalty restored

You have probably heard that Bill Barr announced that the Federal death penalty has been restored. There have been formal protests from Diane Feinstein, Ilhan Oman, Alyssa Milano and others. The Bureau of Prisons set execution dates for five men … Continue reading

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U.S. Supreme Court lets Trump use disputed funds for border wall

REUTERS The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday handed President Donald Trump a victory by letting his administration redirect $2.5 billion in money approved by Congress for the Pentagon to help build his promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border even though … Continue reading

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