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This morning’s Twitter hits …

Oh the intrigue! And thanks to Trey Gowdy. Do you think anything will come of it? Looks like FBI secretly recorded George Papadopoulos. There are transcripts. Never mentioned in Mueller report. GOP wants released but can't say so because existence … Continue reading

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The Mark Steyn Show with George Papadopoulos, part two

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This morning’s Twitter hits …

My guess is probably “yes”. Federal Judge Amit Mehta just sided with Democrats to allow Congress to subpoena President Trump's tax returns & financial records However, Mehta's financial records show that he was a $2,000 donor to the Obama/Biden campaign … Continue reading

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Was the Steele Dossier a Crown Operation?

Was the dossier the work of British intelligence services? Tom Lipscomb thinks it just might be. The clues are there. American Greatness, Tom Lipscomb … “Whoever’s investigating this,” Gowdy added, “tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey … Continue reading

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How My Graduation Photo Changed My Life

Good story. Somehow I missed this last year. A girl advocates for our 2nd amendment rights at the university she just graduated from – Kent State – and what happened to her next! Her name is Kaitlin Bennett.

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Illegal voting in California? Why won’t they fix the loophole?

The second question is strictly rhetorical. Here’s a report on problems with California’s election system. Double voting allowed and undetected. California officials admit that illegal aliens may be voting in their state. At least 22,000 people mistakenly registered to vote. … Continue reading

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This morning’s Twitter hits …

Some interesting times ahead. I hope it results in misdoings being revealed and the perpetrators punished. That isn’t for sure, but something to be desired, for sure. The ground has shifted in the Trump-Russia affair. Trump's adversaries have lost momentum. … Continue reading

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