My Journey Into Gardening & Why I Garden (A Response of Sorts to MIGardener)

We started talking about gardening today, so I thought this repeat post would fit into our discussion. Jess has since moved from Arkansas to a much larger farm in South Carolina. She has a bigger and nicer greenhouse and her first real red barn, complete with cows – a long-held dream!

I love Jess. I think it is because she reminds me of my mother (also named Jessie.) I know that sounds funny, but she thinks a lot the same way my mom did. There is a wonder of nature in her heart, and she is creative – a writer, a musician, a gardener.

As my daughter once wrote about her grandmother, my mom:

Grandma used to cut fruit apart to show me the beautiful patterns inside. She watered the plants and told me to listen to them drink. She brushed the dirt off the vegetables in the garden and bit into them, telling me to taste their goodness. She sees beauty and magic everywhere. I believe she sees God all the time, in all the good and lovely things of the earth.

Is there a mystic/spiritual aspect to gardening? Yes.

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