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Amicus brief filed by 17 states in support of the Texas election lawsuit

(Dakota News Now) – South Dakota has joined other states supporting a lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court by the state of Texas challenging presidential election results in several key swing states. The Attorney General’s office announced Wednesday that South … Continue reading

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Tweets of the day, Presidential election …

This sums up pretty well what is happening right now. These tweets were issued on November 8 just after noon. This is the thread reader: Thread Reader, Chris Bowen

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WATCH LIVE: President Trump Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing

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This Week: Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate Confirmation Hearing

Lindsey Graham discusses with Maria Bartiromo what we can expect this week.

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Electoral College Myth #3: The Electoral College is undemocratic

This is a great explanation of why we have the electoral college and how it has served us well over time. An excerpt from the Tara Ross blog: Myth: The person who wins the national popular vote should win the … Continue reading

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Jim Jordan and Maria Bartiromo discuss the death of RBG and her Supreme Court replacement

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Tweets of the day!

(1) Thanks to ALL Freedom Loving Americans who responded to requests for contact information on Kyle Rittenhouse. We have connected with Kyle’s family & help is on the way. Kyle will have excellent legal representation. We owe him a legal … Continue reading

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“A simple democracy, or an unbalanced republic, is one of the greatest evils”

Thus said Benjamin Rush. Every time somebody says that the USA is a democracy, kindly correct them! Written by TARA ROSS: On this day in 1789, a signer of the Declaration of Independence writes a letter to John Adams. The … Continue reading

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If ever I heard one – a good explanation for governmental checks and balances

Tara Ross, on Facebook. Don’t miss her on her website: Tara Ross: On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention is underway. A small state delegate stands up and addresses the large state delegates in the room. He didn’t calmly … Continue reading

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Justice served!

The Supreme Court of Texas has ordered Shelley Luther be released from Dallas County jail! pj media: On Tuesday, Shelley Luther, a mother and the owner of a hair salon in Dallas, Texas was sentenced to seven days in jail … Continue reading

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