Michigan State University’s “inclusive language” guide

While singling out MSU here, there are universities all over the country that are compiling their own language lists. This excerpt from Campus Reform lists some of the ridiculous word prohibitions, but there are many more at the link! Remaining mute on campus seems like an option. Simply ignoring their recommendations is a better one.

Campus Reform

Michigan State University (MSU) has a language guide, updated annually, for its official communications, discouraging the use of certain words and terms which the university claims may be offensive.

“The origins of seemingly innocuous idioms or words may be racist, sexist or ableist in nature,” the guide claims, citing phrases like “cake walk,” “tipping point,” “bonkers,” and “rule of thumb” as examples of potentially harmful language.

Other words flagged as problematic include “tribe,” “founder,” “minorities,” and “’America’ when referring to the United States.” Using the words “fundamentalist” and “terrorist” when writing about religious extremists was also discouraged.

Positive language surrounding traditionally Christian holidays was not exempt from MSU’s critique.

“In winter and spring, avoid references to majority religious imagery and language, such as the word ‘merry’ or ‘Christmas trees,’ ‘wreaths,’ ‘holly,’ ‘bells,’ ‘gifts,’ ‘reindeer,’ ‘bunnies,’ ‘eggs’ and ‘chicks.’ Use terms like ‘wishing you a wonderful winter/spring break’ or ‘best wishes for the new year,'” reads the guide.

Such language is being removed from university communications to align “with strategic efforts around diversity, equity and inclusion” undertaken by MSU.

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5 Responses to Michigan State University’s “inclusive language” guide

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    As an American Christian, I’ll be damned if I’ll delete my adjective,noun, or verb because it offends the Godless! I have a place they are welcome to kiss!

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  2. weather257 says:

    Those sad losers have waaaay too much time on their hands and no idea of what adversity is. Yet.

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  3. czarina33 says:

    Douglas’s quote is soooo apropos.

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  4. czarina33 says:

    Actually I’m feeling a mite offended…and certainly not included…and diversity is not being upheld because I’m excluded…

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