Internet engagement – influencing others

I once wrote a blog post called What’s it all about? Speaking up!. I update it from time to time, and a link to it is pinned at the top of this blog. It is about expressing your true opinions – in person, or on the internet.

I think it also is helpful to have a game plan for internet sparring – 0n Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. – and to collect an arsenal of news articles, videos, quotes and memes. Bookmark or save them whenever you run across one that helps you make your point in a serious manner. Insulting others is one thing, but influencing others is a different thing entirely. Not that insults don’t sometimes have their place!

Here are a few I recently collected from a bright person on Twitter regarding the 2nd amendment. Do you have your own collection, and what have you chosen to save?

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5 Responses to Internet engagement – influencing others

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    It’s comforting knowing that when seconds count, the gendarmes are only minutes away! I used to have a two step procedure for my safety. My first was paying attention to my dog and the second was my reliance on the .45! Now I only have the Colt!

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    • Stella says:

      My dog helps a lot. He perks up as soon as someone gets close to the house, and barks LOUDLY.

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      • Sharon says:

        My Good Dog does the same thing! He loses it–I can’t deal with open-ended barking and won’t–any more than I would let a three year old tear up my house! But I love his pattern for saving me from all the potential murderers that he spots in our driveway or on the street, too close to our side….

        Here’s the way we handle that:

        Shach barks madly to alert me. I clap my hands 2 times to let him that the alarm has been received. He comes running to me where I am in the house, wagging his tail, because he’s going to get his reward: a good neck scrunch/scratch and some cheek scratching.

        I LOVE his BIG bark! Can’t deal with the little yippy little, but love me a big dog with a big bark who responds so well to everyday training.

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    • czarina33 says:

      You know Czar left me armed and able to use them. My Pyrenees has a large presence and heavy bark. I’ll try your technique, Sharon, when she goes on and on, but usually she does so when the deer or fishermen in a boat remain in her view, or a possum dallies on the porch…

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Stella, I can see how those quotes from the people who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights supported decisions SCOTUS made re the Second.

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