General Discussion, Thursday, March 23, 2023


By E. E. Cummings

in Just-
spring          when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman
whistles          far          and wee
and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it’s
when the world is puddle-wonderful
the queer
old balloonman whistles
far          and             wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing
from hop-scotch and jump-rope and
balloonMan          whistles

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30 Responses to General Discussion, Thursday, March 23, 2023

  1. Lucille says:

    Have a lovely Thankful Thursday….

    Duomo di Bressanone, Italy…

    St. Albans, Vermont…

    National University of Mexico with the springtime bloom of jacaranda trees…

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    • weather257 says:

      Jacaranda and wisteria…my favorites. Only in warm climates [sigh!].

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      • czarina33 says:

        My wisteria has not bloomed yet. Don’t know if I can grow jacarandas.

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      • Lucille says:

        The area I lived in while residing in Los Angeles has jacaranda trees in yards and lining the streets. They are beautiful but also a mess to clean up.

        If you look at photos of Mexico City at this time of year, you’ll see the roads and walks full of tree debris….

        It’s a tremendous shame that Mexico is so dangerous (basically a narco-state). It’s such a beautiful place. One of my grandnieces lived outside Mexico City a couple of years ago. She loved it but at the end of the six-month term when non-permanent residents have to return to their home countries, she decided not to go back to Mexico and moved to Toronto instead (also a beautiful city).

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  2. Lucille says:

    SHOCKING REPORT: DOJ Embedded an FBI Informant Inside the DEFENSE TEAM of Non-Violent Jan 6 Prisoner and Former US Marine Zachary Rehl
    By Patty McMurray Mar. 22, 2023 7:13 pm

    SHOCK: The FBI is paying J6 defense witnesses to provide the defense’s trial strategy to Biden’s DOJ. The government has paid informants inside the trial feeding information to the FBI and DOJ. This is beyond outrageous. There is no justice in America today.


    A ‘Spill’ of FBI Secrets
    By Julie Kelly – March 14, 2023

    Americans will hold accountable those responsible for the accelerating degradation of the U.S. justice system as the government’s J6 narrative collapses and their wrongdoing becomes apparent.

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    • czarina33 says:

      What is the explanation that makes all this legal/constitutional????

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      • Lucille says:

        The lefties don’t have an explanation. Un-Constitutional? Means nothing to them. And our side seems to be full of wimpy and corrupt people who don’t fight for justice except in front of the cameras. So the Dims just get away with it.

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  3. geoffg12 says:

    About St Albans, VT – the northernmost site of a Civil War battle. Nine Confederates rode the train down from Montreal, CA and stuck up the town.

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  4. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All. 21* and sunny here, clear blue sky. It actually got up to about 70* on my patio yesterday afternoon. Of course, that was because the sun was shining on the patio. My friend said yesterday that this was a really bad winter here, worst she has seen in a long time. If that is true, and I am sure it is, then I have it made. I could handle this winter.

    Well, hope you all have a nice spring day.

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    • Reflection says:

      It helps when someone gives you a long term perspective like that.
      You have handled the change well.
      Hoping you’ll find housing nearer your family with a washer and dryer!

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  6. Stella says:

    This is happening in my state! The wicked witch Whitmer strikes again.

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  7. Sharon says:

    Such a fun e e cummings bit about spring, Stella!

    My limited exposure to cummings’ work usually includes one or both of these unspoken reactions, “Huh???” or “How’d he do that?”

    Good fun with words and phrases that do, in fact, paint a picture we recognize!

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    • Stella says:

      Glad you like it! I particularly like that picture of the lady bugs too.


      • Sharon says:

        Yes! The girls sat very nicely for their photo.

        There was something fun and colorful (and thankfully short-lived) that we experienced in Minnesota.

        The west exterior wall of our house would get sunshine-warm some time in April, when air temps were still pretty chilly sometimes.

        I don’t know if they were officially lady-bugs, but if they weren’t, they looked exactly like them. During those air-cool but siding-warm days of early spring, there would be hundreds (or thousands) of them enjoying that warm sunshine on the western wall in the afternoon.

        Their presence there never lasted more than a day or few…was just interesting to note how even the insect world just finds available sunshine wherever they can when things are still chilly.

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      • Reflection says:

        Exquisite photography!


  8. Stella says:

    Have you seen much about this in major media?

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  9. Stella says:

    This is so sweet. There actually ARE some good people in this world.

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