Memo to Conservatives: You Don’t Have to Agree on Everything — Only on Fighting the Left

This is a column by Dennis Prager. He is a man I believe to be imminently sensible, and this op-ed is a good example of that.

PJ Media

Given the damage the Left and the Left’s political party, the Democrats, are doing to America, you would think conservatives would understand that defeating the Left is by far their most important task.

The Left’s damage includes, to name but a few examples, doing incalculable damage to America’s children by supporting and advocating mutilating surgeries, prescribing hormone blockers, promoting innocence-robbing “nonbinary” cross-dressing shows and discussions, and having ordered inexcusable school lockdowns; printing trillions of dollars, which in turn has led to devastating inflation, unprecedentedly high national debt and a weakened dollar; and ruining every institution in the country including, but not limited to, the universities, the military, medicine, the arts, sports, journalism, religion, marriage and free speech.

Yet, apparently, millions of conservatives, including some leading ones, do not understand that defeating the Left is their most important task. For many conservatives, it appears that whether to aid Ukraine or whether to support former President Donald Trump overshadows defeating the Left.

[. . .] People should adopt two rules with regard to political allies.

One is that you will have no allies if your only allies are individuals with whom you agree on every issue; it should suffice to agree on most issues. The other rule is that if we agree about who our chief enemy is, we can differ on a lot of other issues. With few exceptions, if you understand the existential threat the Left poses to America and to Western civilization, you are my ally.

I ran across a woman on Twitter (I assume she’s a woman) who says she can’t support Trump in the primaries because his followers are zealots, and she posted an artist’s rendering of Trump seated at his desk, with Jesus behind him. The original person who tweeted the picture asked that we pray for Trump. This woman represents herself as a Republican. Here is the picture:

Here is the text of her comment:

This is why I think Trump is a terrible choice and will not be voting for him in the primaries. This. His followers are zealots. Voting anyone into power who has zealots who constantly compare him to God or claim he is backed by God is just begging for tyranny. This is creepy.

My response was that all politicians have such followers, and gave her several examples, and remarked that the important thing is that he did a good job as President, and represents most of my values and beliefs.

Essentially, what I am saying is that I will support the candidate I think can do a good job, and it won’t be Biden or Harris, or anybody else like them. If it is Ron DeSantis, I will support him. I will support just about anyone who is selected by my fellow Republicans in the primary elections.

It won’t be because I don’t like his/her tweets. It won’t be because he/she is supported by some person or persons that I don’t like. If it is Donald Trump, I will support him.

Finally, I agree with Andrew Breitbart. The labels are different, but the message is the same:

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5 Responses to Memo to Conservatives: You Don’t Have to Agree on Everything — Only on Fighting the Left

  1. Menagerie says:

    Boy, am I glad you posted this. I wish my thoughts were a little more unified on this. Several things keep kicking around.

    First and most important, like you, I’ll vote for the nominee, with a caveat. After Romney was shoved down our throats, and especially after what went on in Missouri several years ago, I totally ended any allegiance to Republicans.

    I voted for Trump. I always will vote against Democrats. I believe that we would all have been better served if President Trump had seized his moment and utterly destroyed the party, and I believe at that point in time he could have done it.

    So, I will never vote for a hand picked RINO. Contrary to every single person next door, I don’t see DeSantis that way. These same people loved him until they didn’t. He’s done an absolutely fine job in Florida and I would happily vote for him.

    I absolutely will vote for Trump. But he’s over the top with his attacks on DeSantis and I’m losing enthusiasm. You want to call him funny names? I don’t give a damn. You want to tweet things insinuating he’s got some hidden sexual deviance, I have a helluva problem with that. Both the one hinting he did something improper at some party years ago, and the one he took down a day or so ago, totally something for the looney left to do. Not us.

    And finally, it’s a damned matter of common sense. On the part of Trump and his supporters. The more he attacks and DeSantis ignores him, the more ridiculous he looks. Same for his most outrageous supporters. They are not making a case for him to crossover voters.

    And what’s up with everyone bellowing about DeSantis not speaking up for Trump and then having the tee total vapors over what he said? It’s totally fine for Trump to ridicule him in every way possible, but he’s, what, supposed to let the Trump team write his speeches or something?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I want to see some concrete ideas and how he will get them accomplished this time. I’m looking to see the Republicans build a united team to turn this country around. I’m looking for a leader and supporters to undo every harmful thing Biden has set in motion. I’m looking for willing accountability in the next President and every Republican member of Congress. And I will support the person who most convinces me they can accomplish that.

    It’s not looking good for my blood pressure the next year. I’m disgusted by all of them.


    • Stella says:

      Re your caveat, that’s why I said “I will support the candidate I think can do a good job…”

      As for the tweets and attacks, this is the pre-primary season, so I don’t worry much about it. Let’s see what happens after the candidate is chosen. I don’t like them either, but I am more concerned about the meat. I’m sure we will be getting to that soon. I still think Trump did a pretty good job for someone who wasn’t a D.C. politician. He’ll know better this time, I think, who he can trust.

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  2. Re-Farmer says:

    We have the same problem here in Canada. We desperately need to get Prime Dictator Trudeau out of office, and right now, the only hope of doing that is to vote the Conservative Party in, by a landslide (because we know that China helped buy the last 2 elections for T2, and even the his first win was suspect). The Conservative Party has a new leader in Pierre Poilievre, yet it’s self proclaimed conservatives that are attacking him the most, claiming if he gets in, he’ll just be another T2. Such god-like omniscience, they seem to have!

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