General Discussion, Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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  1. Gary says:

    The Giants path? I know I’ve seen them.

    Good Morning Everyone

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  2. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Afternoon All. Slept in really late this morning and feel much more rested. It is 33* out and very sunny and windy. A lot of the grass that has been covered with snow and ice for months is now uncovered. Is that a sign of spring, or just a tease?

    Here’s hoping for good weather and health for you all today.

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  4. Stella says:

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  5. Stella says:

    And to suggest that censorship will strengthen democracy is just plain evil!

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  6. The Tundra PA says:

    IDITAROD UPDATE, End of Day 8

    Well, race fans, the end of the trail is almost in sight for the 2023 Iditarod Champion! Ryan Redington has passed through the last checkpoint at Safety before standing under the Burled Arch in Nome. He is currently 8 miles away, so perhaps just over an hour at his current speed. Pete Kaiser is 12 miles behind Ryan, and Ritchie Diehl is 7 miles behind Pete. That was their order coming into White Mountain, so the Iditarod maxim holds true that the order into White Mountain will be the order into Nome.

    Ryan will arrive with 6 dogs in harness; Pete has 8, and Ritchie has 7. Every team started with 14 dogs, and most of the mushers are down to less than 10. A few have 12 still on the gangline, but not many. The minimum requirement is to have 5 dogs at the finish.

    Many people tend to think that more dogs = more speed, but that is not usually true. If running in soft snow, then 5 dogs can certainly go faster than 3. In hard and icy conditions, 2 dogs can pull the musher with an empty sled. There is a top end speed for the team as a whole, and more dogs on the line won’t pull any faster, they can simply pull more weight. After about 6 dogs, each additional dog added to the team increases the load capacity they can pull by about 50 lbs.

    In a long-distance race setting, additional dogs means more time and work required for dog care. In Iditarod, the last third of the race is in very icy conditions, so fewer dogs needed. Many mushers send out small, light-weight sprint sleds to White Mountain and drop all gear in the sled to the bare minimum. Some mushers in a tight race will even change their footwear to running shoes for that last 77 miles so that they can run beside the sled as much as possible.

    OK, there it is! I’m watching the live cam of the finish line and Ryan Redington has just won the Iditarod! He comes from the oldest dynasty family in Alaskan dog mushing, and is the first Redington to ever win the race. There has been a Redington in almost every Iditarod since his grandfather Joe ran the first race in 1973. Congratulations Ryan! He just received the giant check: $51,550. Plus the new truck.

    Further back in the field, Jessie Royer has moved up to 13th position, and is currently in Elim with 121 miles left. Mike Williams Jr. is in 20th position on the way to Koyuk with 204 miles to go. And Bridgett Watkins is in 25th position, just leaving Shageluk with 221 miles to Nome. The two top rookies, Eddie Burke Jr. and Hunter Keefe, will finish in the top 10–quite a respectable first running of the race. They are in White Mountain waiting out their mandatory 8 hour rest. The two mushers vying for the Red Lantern just arrived in Unalakleet and are resting. They have 261 miles to go, and unless they scratch before Nome, will be on the trail for another 2+ days.

    Congrats again to Ryan Redington, and prayers for all the teams still out mushing towards Nome.

    GO DOGS!

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    • Sharon says:

      Wow….I truly can’t imagine the relief for the mushers when they cross the finish line. Finally, they can STOP. You mentioned something the other day about recovery time required….understandable. I’m sitting here near tears–this kind of effort, just for the sheer joy and satisfaction of getting it “well done” is remarkable, and moving.

      Thank you for all these good reports, Tundra! Such good reading…

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    This is really obnoxious. I am finally trying to get an appt. with a primary physician because I am running out of time and BP pills. I have been on the phone for over 3/4 of an hour. My first phone went dead and I had to switch to the other one. I would get mad and say I would call another doctor, but I would probably run into the same thing.

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