What we face – what we fight

I’m kind of sorry about the crudity of the cartoon that I posted earlier. Nevertheless, it is true. Spend a few minutes on social media and see just how many of our fellow citizens think that censorship is not only good, but necessary. They believe that censorship should be applied to every opinion  or even facts) that don’t follow the party line.

I see people like Chuck Schumer’s and Joe Biden’s Twitter accounts post comments that are outright lies and defamatory statements about others in the public sphere, and they are applauded like seals by the ignorant masses.

Then there are those who were bamboozled by the government edicts regarding vaccines, masks, that Covid was created in the wild etc. They all believed that lockdowns were okay, and applauded when those who didn’t think so were arrested or fined or lost their jobs. When the next lockdown comes – for a virus, or “climate change” – they will follow the government line again. There will be no change in behavior.

So. Many of our fellow citizens are in favor of government control of everything in our lives, and heartily support censorship of ideas that they either don’t support, don’t believe, or have been told are lies by government and the media.

This is a truth we must deal with. I’m not exactly sure how we can convince these people of the truth, and get them on our side, since most of the media do their best to silence information that they don’t want aired, rather than investigate the facts. I don’t think that insulting everyday people or ignoring them is the answer, because it won’t improve the situation we find ourselves in. Making people mad, or telling them that their idea are stupid isn’t persuasive, and our objective should be to educate and get them on our side.

On the other hand, concentrating on punishing our enemies (trying Congress people for treason, which will accomplish exactly nothing) isn’t a pathway to success either. Making them insignificant and exposing their lies for what they are should do the trick.

I listened to Dave Rubin talk about this today, and listened to Neil Oliver discuss how we have been lied to and manipulated in this video:

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3 Responses to What we face – what we fight

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    Yes, connect more of those dots, pretty soon the population will get to see the whole picture. An’ it ain’t gonna be pretty!

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