Mayor Pete Is a Train Wreck!

Mayor Pete is concerned about racist freeways and too many white construction workers, yet seems completely unconcerned with the increasing number of train derailments, at least some of which are the result of sabotage.

In fact, our government seems completely unconcerned about increasing sabotage of all types – railways, water supplies and power stations. Then there are the balloons, which could easily be used for biological or EMP attacks on our country.

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10 Responses to Mayor Pete Is a Train Wreck!

  1. Stella says:

    Attacks on Pacific north-west power stations raise fears for US electric grid

    Dec 10, 2022:

    A string of attacks on power facilities in Oregon and Washington has caused alarm and highlighted the vulnerabilities of the US electric grid.

    The attacks in the Pacific north-west are similar to the assault on North Carolina power stations that cut electricity to 40,000 people.

    As first reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting and KUOW Public Radio, there have been at least six attacks, some of which involved firearms and caused residents to lose power. Two of the attacks shared similarities with the incident in Moore county, North Carolina, where two stations were hit by gunfire. Authorities have not yet revealed a motive for the North Carolina attack.

    The four Pacific north-west utilities whose equipment was attacked have said they are cooperating with the FBI. The agency has not yet confirmed if it is investigating the incidents.

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  2. Stella says:

    More Than a Dozen Trains Have Derailed in the U.S. This Year

    Feb 13, 2023

    The explosive train derailment that recently led to the evacuation of an Ohio town was among more than a dozen reported rail wrecks in the U.S. since the year began.

    On February 3, a tanker train derailed in the Ohio town of East Palestine, near the state border with Pennsylvania. The crash led to multiple explosions and chemical leaks, prompting the governors of both states to issue evacuation notices for the town and its surrounding areas. Controlled burns of the vinyl chloride from the train’s tanks were initiated, with residents warned that the air could be flooded with dangerous gases like phosgene and hydrogen chloride.

    The fiery crash was one of more than a dozen train derailments reported in the U.S. this year, only 1 1/2 months in. Another wreck, on January 19, also occurred in Ohio, with several train cars stretching over miles derailing between the towns of Trinway and Adam’s Mill, according to the Times Recorder. It was considerably less destructive than the one in East Palestine, as the cars were empty, though cleanup efforts were projected to last for a week.

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  3. Menagerie says:

    I’ve worked with construction workers since my early twenties. In that field they absolutely will hire anyone who will work, especially if they will learn. And I’d venture to say there are now a lot more Hispanics than so called white people. Based on my own real life work experiences on commercial and residential jobs.

    When I was in management, your clothes, jewelry, demeanor, and visible tattoos had a lot of bearing on your job prospects. Much, much less so for a construction worker. It’s a hard, dirty, hot, or cold job under demanding conditions. There is naturally a lot of turnover, always has been. Consequently, companies are pretty darned willing to give just about anybody a chance. It’s been that way for years.

    In my retail experience, certain people with a criminal background, the less educated, those who were just a little more out there in terms of dress and body art, were not going to advance to greater positions of authority and better pay.

    Not so in the construction industry. You show up, you work, you learn, show initiative, and especially show potential to lead a crew and you have every opportunity that anyone else on the crew could ask for. Out of dire necessity if not good intent, a purple Martian could be employed and advance in construction.

    As I said, I’ve worked with a number of Mexicans on jobs. They are at work early and boy, do most of them, indeed, in my experience, damned near all of them, work very hard. They are skilled and they mostly do good work, with the exception of sheet rock finishers. None of them do good work anymore, I don’t care who they are. When I worked with Mexicans they were quick to help me out without asking. They learned their jobs fast. A huge number or them worked without supervision and a large number of those showed initiative in pushing on without instruction to just get things done.

    If there is a large number of a certain demographic and age group missing in construction, in my opinion it’s because they choose not to be there for their own reasons.

    Construction work is not only physically hard, there’s no work in bad weather for some of the trades, and the housing and construction market dictates prosperity and job security, or lack of. They might make 30 bucks an hour but gross only 30,000 a year. Or less even. Probably they won’t have benefits. It’s a life for some, and a choice others have good reason not to make.

    Go to a construction site. You’ll probably see the most colorblind job site you have ever seen. They’ll work old people, young people, and I’ve seen videos of a bricklayer without legs.

    As usual. Mayor Pete doesn’t know a thing about reality.

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  4. Stella says:

    TUCKER CARLSON: Food, water, energy and infrastructure are being degraded

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  5. Sharon says:

    You’ve been there and know that stuff…”Mayor Pete doesn’t know a thing about reality.”

    That seems to be the case with a lot of people in charge of stuff. It’s not hard to understand where it takes us. But there are many who will slowly figure it out and then over-react, or be completely clueless, because they absolutely do not understand “how we got there”.

    One of the biggest takeaways over the past three years as been taking note of how many people had never acknowledged the reality of their own eventual death. Perhaps the shockwaves with regard to the collapsing/imploding infrastructure will form the same kind of massive and destructive concentric circles.

    Son Eric and and his wife have had a lot of contract work done on their property over the past few years–by family-owned businesses, with intense application of products/permits/processes/time-frames. His reports would be pretty parallel to yours… Mexican-owned or Mexican day-laborers involved. Eric always gets comparative bids and “stands over” the work and the results. He doesn’t let stupid things go, and has always had good response on the few occasions when he has to do some kind of follow up.

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  6. texan59 says:

    Mayor Pete is an “educated idiot”. As are probably ¾ of the people running this Country………..into the ground.

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