The data about rising medical problems in young adults

We have seen some reporting on the rise in heart problems among young males. The media, I believe, reluctantly covers this news because it can no longer be concealed. At the same time, they are making up reasons why this is happening. Like obesity, depression, smoking and “mental health”.

I read an article in Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion that is real eye opener. It isn’t just about heart problems. They report:

Early last year, there was an astounding report that several life insurance companies determined there was an overwhelming, unexplained increase (40%) in “all-cause deaths” among 18 to 49-year-olds.

From that 2022 report:

Three physician “whistle-blowers” have just released real data from the DoD, drawn from the clinical diagnosis codes. The increases found are from 2021, compared to the five year average from 2016 to 2020.

Myocardial infarction: 269% increase
Miscarriages: 300% increase
Bell’s palsy: 291% increase
Congenital malformations: 156% increase
Female infertility: 471% increase
Pulmonary embolisms: 467% increase
Neurologic abnormalities: 300% increase
Cancers: 300% increase

Video of coverage by KUSI (San Diego) in February of last year:

The questions we should be asking are: Why are the big media companies attempting to cover up the facts?; Is the pharmaceutical industry putting pressure on media companies to cover their butts? And why did they wait for almost a year before covering the news?

[. . .] one can’t but help wonder if Big Pharma is putting pressure on the media for exactly this type of coverage. The recent revelations published in the Twitter Files demonstrate the enormous power of the pharmaceutical industry to silence data and disappear information that doesn’t fit the covid vaccine narratives.

As a reminder of why many people remain skeptical of these “explanations,” I will note that countries in Europe have nixed the vaccine for children and teenagers, asserting the risks of vaccination outweigh the risks of infection.


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5 Responses to The data about rising medical problems in young adults

  1. MaryfromMarin says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, stella. What an eye opener. I knew there were far more problems than just the heart concerns, but not to THIS extent.

    The 300% increase in miscarriages and the 471% increase in female infertility are particularly concerning (a huge understatement.) I wonder if there are any statistics on male infertility? I remember seeing articles a while back discussing something about male fertility cratering for a number of months after receiving the vaccine, but has there been long-term follow-up?

    Hard to avoid drawing some dark conclusions from the miscarriage and fertility information.

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  2. weather257 says:

    Just curious if the data ID’d the individuals’ covid status – did they have the shot or not and/or did they get covid or not…or just exposed to covid. That would be most relevant.

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  3. tblakney says:

    Fascinating!! Proves what we were skeptical of alla,onv!!


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