Biden chooses Trump’s wall for his first border photo!

Well, at least he acknowledged that there are “problems at the border”! Question: Since he has had the White House for almost two years, and most of that time a majority in Congress, why hasn’t he already been able to “fix this broken system”? Why isn’t the immigration process “orderly, fair, safe and humane” as he suggests it could be?

According to Breitbart:

President Joe Biden tweeted an image of his first-ever border visit Sunday that featured part of the “wall,” or border fence, in El Paso, Texas — after he and his party shut down President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Biden ran in 2020 on a promise to build “not another foot” of Trump’s border project after Democrats refused to fund it in 2019 and claimed that it was motivated by racism and the desire to keep brown or black people out.

As soon as he took office, Biden halted construction of the high bollard fencing that Trump had been building along the wall — though the Biden administration later quietly filled in some gaps that had been left behind.

Yet with thousands of migrants pouring across the border daily, and millions entering the U.S., often illegally, since he took office, Biden was under pressure to visit the border for the first time in a half century of politics.

He chose to tweet an image of himself doing so — from the official presidential account — flanked by Border Patrol officers and walking along the fence that exists in El Paso, one of the most secure points on the border.

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3 Responses to Biden chooses Trump’s wall for his first border photo!

  1. Lucille says:

    Were these border patrol officers vetted to determine their political views? Not that I think the officers would deal disrespectfully with a President in person, but the question just crossed my mind. And Biden has certainly dissed those who work at the border, perhaps causing much anger.

    From the various interactions my boss had with U. S. Presidents, I know for a fact that everyone who comes to a gathering, a dinner or is invited to be in close proximity to the President is vetted before they are ever sent an invitation. A private citizen doesn’t just get to show up without it.

    I used to wonder about those rules when President Trump held rallies and met with the general public and concluded that he must have ignored the protocols on many occasions.

    Does Biden do the same? Maybe his handlers wouldn’t be all that upset if something untoward happened. “Never let a crisis go to waste” and all that.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Remember immigration reform under Ronald Reagan. Supposed to solve everything. A summary:
    “ On Nov. 6, 1986 Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the most far-reaching immigration law passed during his presidency. The Act’s most significant effect was that it allowed immigrants who had entered the U.S. illegally before Jan. 1, 1982 to apply for legal status, provided they paid fines and back taxes. This provision — which Reagan himself referred to as “amnesty,” allowed around 3 million immigrants to secure legal status after paying $185, demonstrating “good moral character” and learning to speak English.

    Although the bill was supposed to toughen sanctions against employers who hired undocumented immigrants, a provision exempting employers from penalties if their workers had presented relatively convincing fake documents meant that the sanctions were ineffective.”

    Solved nothing.

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  3. Stella says:

    El Paso “disappeared” the migrant street sleepers prior to Biden’s visit:

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