Jesse Watters breaks open major scandal

Saw this earlier this week on Twitter:

Jesse Watters explains. As you might expected, there is hanky panky going on at the NIH. Is there any government agency that isn’t rotten to the core?

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4 Responses to Jesse Watters breaks open major scandal

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    People gotta be held accountable for this mis-information!

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    • czarina33 says:

      And yet, no one will be. It fits with climate change and anti meat doctrine, it works for big corporations which process food into junk, and helps both Dems and Republicans support their causes and donors. Nothing will happen.

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  2. texan59 says:

    Saw this last week, and Jesse had it going for a couple days. It was like watching the Bee, except it was real. How can any being with more than one brain cell take this serious at any level? This takes the last food pyramid and makes it look almost sane, and it’s the pyramid that has led this Country into an epidemic of obesity. This one might just finish off a few more million that the jab didn’t get.

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  3. czarina33 says:

    PRt of the WEF plan to reduce the population.


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