Music of the day – O Holy Night

I love this version of O Holy Night, because it reminds me of my sister who had a beautiful soprano voice and sang the solo in our church on Christmas Eve.

This is a comment on the YouTube video that moved me very much.

Whenever ‘fall on your knees’ is sung, I get the most amazing feeling of wanting – needing – to worship someone Higher than me. Its a natural thing, like breathing . It is within us all, whether we want it or not, this need to physically fall on our knees before our Creator God. I feel such joy…like I am going to my real home….heaven, where I will join singing with the multitude of angels. All l is well with the world, because we have a real living Saviour. No matter the choir, the denomination, no matter the belief, we are singing combined praise. I believe in Jesus, and I worship Him. Thank you Lord for saving me.

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