General Discussion, Saturday, November 26, 2022


In September 1620, a merchant ship called the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, a port on the southern coast of England. Normally, the Mayflower’s cargo was wine and dry goods, but on this trip the ship carried passengers: 102 of them, all hoping to start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic. Nearly 40 of these passengers were Protestant Separatists—they called themselves “Saints”—who hoped to establish a new church in the so-called New World. Today, we often refer to the colonists who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower as “Pilgrims.”

[. . .]

The travelers squeezed themselves and their belongings onto the Mayflower, a cargo ship about 80 feet long and 24 feet wide and capable of carrying 180 tons of cargo. The Mayflower set sail once again under the direction of Captain Christopher Jones.

Because of the delay caused by the leaky Speedwell, the Mayflower had to cross the Atlantic at the height of storm season. As a result, the journey was horribly unpleasant. Many of the passengers were so seasick they could scarcely get up, and the waves were so rough that one “Stranger” was swept overboard. (It was “the just hand of God upon him,” Bradford wrote later, for the young sailor had been “a proud and very profane yonge man.”)

After sixty-six days, or roughly two miserable months at sea, the ship finally reached the New World. There, the Mayflower’s passengers found an abandoned Indian village and not much else. They also found that they were in the wrong place: Cape Cod was located at 42 degrees north latitude, well north of the Virginia Company’s territory. Technically, the Mayflower colonists had no right to be there at all.

Then they had to live on the ship for some time more, and many died, including the parents of my ancestor, Mary Chilton (age 13).

Mary Chilton was (according to local lore) the first of their women to set foot on the New World. She married  John Winslow, the brother of a fellow passenger, at age 17. He was 10 years her senior, and came on another ship the year after the Mayflower.  They had at least 10 children, and Mary lived to the age of (almost) 72.

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24 Responses to General Discussion, Saturday, November 26, 2022

  1. Lucille says:

    Stellars, have a satisfying Saturday wherever you go….

    Perhaps taking an unknown road to an unknown destination…


    Bukhansan National Park, Seoul, South Korea…

    Bishop Creek Canyon, Bishop, (northern) California

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  2. Lucille says:

    A fascinating history lesson, Stella. Thanks!

    Have a lovely day!

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    • Stella says:

      You too, Lucille!

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      • Lucille says:

        So far today…I went into the kitchen to make Little Gee’s breakfast. Got out a can of his favorite moist food. After opening the can and taking out his portion, I reached for the clear plastic sandwich bag I keep the opened can in for his second daily feeding. There was a ladybug in it!!! How, where, when, why?

        So I took the ladybug outside and placed her on a wood patio bench, then got her some lettuce to munch on. Immediately the guilt started about putting her out in the cold. So I looked up whether they can survive low temperatures, and discovered that she likely had chosen the plastic bag as her hibernation spot for the winter.

        What to do? I took the bag outside, placed a rock on it so it wouldn’t blow away, named her Trudy and now hope for the best.

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        • Lucille says:

          P.S. After rejecting the thought of bringing Trudy inside the apartment for the winter, just now I took a small cardboard box outside, put the plastic bag home with Trudy and the lettuce in it. Survival in the cold Idaho Panhandle becomes a possibility and guilt has been assuaged.

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  3. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ kids!

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All from up here in the far corner of Montana. The temps are up a little, into the 30’s and it rained last night a little. I understand that now it will freeze again and the ground everywhere will be slick. So, I have to be careful if I go outside. The kids are all bundled up and playing on their swing set. I am sitting here in a nice cozy house near a fireplace that is keeping the whole place warm.

    Last night we took one of the rams over to a neighbor’s house to “mingle” with their ewes. They had brought some of the ewes to “mingle” with the other ram here. They said that the ram they took to the neighbor’s house was all kinds of upset and fighting them until they got him out of the trailer and he smelled the ewes. That changed his whole attitude. LOL

    So, anyway, we stayed and another family came over and we had dinner there. It was all leftovers from Thanksgiving. They are all really nice people.

    We went to an older lady’s house yesterday. She buys little girls’ fancy dresses for special occasions and has a whole closet full of all sizes up to about 14 yrs old. She gives them away to anyone who needs one for a special occasion. They just have to come over and pick one out. What a wonderful thing she is doing. A lot of people can’t afford to buy something like that that might only be worn once or twice. Also, we live pretty far out and I imagine some people can’t take the time to go shopping for something like that. She finds them at garage sales or Goodwill or wherever. My three granddaughters, each, got a beautiful dress for their Christmas show. She even had shoes, but none in their sizes. I am sure she gets a great deal of pleasure out of finding the dresses and giving them away.

    Well, hope you enjoy your weekend. I am looking forward to going to church in the morning since I haven’t been able to go since it started snowing.

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    • weather257 says:

      What a lovely idea, Mom. Thanks for sharing that!
      Looks like a block of cold air is headed westward…hope it misses you (and us).

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    • Lucille says:

      Good day to you, aus! Presently we are at 32 degrees but it feels a lot colder to me.

      What a lovely thing the lady is doing with the dresses. There’s likely a personal story behind her kindness. She’s one of the countless folks across America who follow their hearts and faith in their “giving back.”

      “He who is gracious and lends a hand to the poor lends to the Lord,
      And the Lord will repay him for his good deed.” – Proverbs 19:17

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  5. Lucille says:

    We all knew that “foreign aid” was somewhat of a buy-off in the past to keep people in their own countries and not invading ours en masse. It wasn’t just altruism.

    Nowadays the foreign aid is still being given and the people are leaving anyways to come here illegally, and the American people are getting the shaft from America-haters like Bidenhandler.

    Michael Yon @MichaelYon
    Nov 26, 2022 at 12:23pm
    House of Burning Cards
    Gonna be seeing more Bangladeshis pushing through Darien Gap. More Bangladeshis moving due to HOP: Human Osmotic Pressure.

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  6. Lucille says:

    Joe Biden Caught in Huge Lie About His Involvement in Rail Strike Negotiations (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila – Published November 26, 2022 at 12:20pm

    RNC Research @RNCResearch
    This week, Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly insisted Biden has been “directly involved” in rail strike negotiations — but that’s not what Biden said yesterday. More lies from the Biden administration!


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