Twitter leftists up in arms that Congress plans to investigate Biden family

If you participate in the Twitterverse, or maybe just watch television news programs, you are probably aware that the Republicans have announced that they plan to investigate the Biden family (featuring Hunter, of course). Here they are announcing it:

Leftists are fit to be tied! How dare Republicans waste time investigating President Biden when they should be doing something to combat inflation, fix the border crisis and fight crime. Examples:

Beside the fact that there are multiple committees in Congress, and they are capable of doing more than one thing at a time – like dealing with inflation, the border crisis and crime – why hasn’t the Democrat Congress already taken care of these problems? Were they so dedicated to spending money on their green initiatives, and persecuting President Trump that there was time for nothing else?

And there’s another thing. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat! When the Dems took the majority, their first priority was to go after the Trump family:

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4 Responses to Twitter leftists up in arms that Congress plans to investigate Biden family

  1. Of course they are capable of focusing on more than one issue/investigation at a time.
    Yes. The Biden’s most assuredly DO need thorough investigating, and no more time should be wasted….DO IT. Had the democrats even one small iota of Biden crimes to use against Trump they would have buried and crucified Trump in heartbeat. As it were – they had nothing and still threw everything they could at him. They’ve spent years accusing Trump of what the Biden’s actually DID do.

    Democrats never ever entertain the idea that the sword they use can cut both ways……it’s THEIR sword by god and you can NOT use it against them!!! I beg to differ….

    Now what I would really like to see is something done about all this Covid scam stuff they’ve shoved down our throats for years now……but will they? All the vultures are feeding off that one…..has the medicare mandate been halted? YOu know, the one where all health care practitioners/facilities who accept medicare MUST vax their people?
    Doctors all across the country sent letters out to their patients that they had until year end to vax or go elsewhere. That is the DOCTOR telling us we must get vaxxed because Medicare forced them to?
    Pffffttttt……the vaxxed are far more a danger to society than the unvaxxed!

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  2. texan59 says:

    Last I checked, Marc Thiessen and Erick the Red were supposedly on our side. Apparently, these goobs are getting marching orders from Cocaine Mitch. Stand down. There is no way to win with the GOPe. Burn it all down.

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    • Stella says:

      Look like leftists to me . . .

      ADD: Eric is like Jonah Goldberg – neither one is on any side that I claim.

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      • texan59 says:

        We keep pushing back on setting up another party, but maybe it is time. Let these snowflakes migrate over to the other side, start something new, knowing that it’s going to take longer than what we’ve got to get there, but set the stage for our grandkids and beyond. SD was right. They are two sides of the same coin. Our “team” has just done it a bit slower. Not so much anymore.

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