Today’s meme – the importance of reading

Comment seen on Twitter:

As someone who long ago embarrassed myself in front of a professor by referring to the philosohper Rene Dess-cart-ess and Goath, author of Fawst, I feel seen.

I resemble that remark!

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3 Responses to Today’s meme – the importance of reading

  1. Lucille says:

    Most of us readers can relate to this. I remember one such incident when speaking with a young man who taught one of my college classes. He was such a darling guy and uber well-educated, already being a Doctor of Philosophy at 26; and I was eager to impress him. We were discussing religious heresies.

    I knew how to pronounce “heretic” but had never heard the word “heretical” spoken. So I pronounced it like “heretic” with “al” added on. It makes me laugh now. He was very kind and didn’t correct me at the time. But later when I heard him use the word in class, I felt like a dope. LOL!

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