Seen on social media – threats to democracy

Turns out that it wasn’t what the Democrats thought it was. The voters had a different idea. Because the obvious fact is that voting is the very essence of democracy, and the voters’ choices are the results of the democratic process.

The New York Times wanted to write a few more stories about The Threat to Democracy™ so they conducted an in-depth poll asking voters about it. And they clearly didn’t expect the results.

When prompted with a list of potential problems, what’s the number one threat Americans see to our Democracy?  The “mainstream media.” I kid you not.

The Times authors were planning on writing another story and were clearly surprised:

“… only about 17 percent of voters described the threat in a way that squares with discussion in mainstream media and among experts — with a focus on Republicans, Donald J. Trump, political violence, election denial, authoritarianism, and so on.

Instead, most people described the threat to democracy in terms that would be very unfamiliar to someone concerned about election subversion or the Jan. 6 insurrection…”


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1 Response to Seen on social media – threats to democracy

  1. czarina33 says:

    Oh, no! Now whatever will they do??? The mainstream media can’t change easily because they are 1. Too deeply invested, and 2. Not likely to look at themselves honestly. Honesty? Been so long since they were honest… The old journalists know what they have been doing and do it willfully. But the younger ones may not be able to think about it.


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