Social Security Truth: Biden has advocated for cuts repeatedly over a 40-year career

Lie Number One:

This tweet has since been deleted, because it was a deliberate bending of the truth, and the White House was publicly shamed on Twitter. The 2023 increase in the Social Security benefit has nothing to do with Joe Biden.

She also mentions a decrease in the Medicare premium. It is $5.00 a month, and the reason for it is that they overcharged last year. Remember the large premium increase in 2022?

The most common lie (lie #2):

Dem politicians and their friends are saying that Republicans will cut or eliminate Social Security and Medicare if they regain a majority in Congress. The Jean-Pierre creature mentions it at the end of the above-posted video. While I think that reforming these programs is probably smart, because the money will eventually run out as things stand now, Joe Biden himself has repeatedly voted to cut/freeze benefits, and raise the age to receive benefits. That is a fact.

THE INTERCEPT (article from 2020):

AS EARLY AS 1984 and as recently as 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden called for cuts to Social Security in the name of saving the program and balancing the federal budget. Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders highlighted Biden’s record on Social Security in prosecuting the case that Biden isn’t the most electable candidate. The issue could be raised again in Tuesday night’s debate.

After a Sanders campaign newsletter continued the attack on Biden’s Social Security record, the Biden campaign complained to fact-checkers at Politifact that his comments were being taken out of context. Placed in context, however, Biden’s record on Social Security is far worse than one offhand remark. Indeed, Biden has been advocating for cuts to Social Security for roughly 40 years.

And after a Republican wave swept Congress in 1994, Biden’s support for cutting Social Security, and his general advocacy for budget austerity, made him a leading combatant in the centrist-wing battle against the party’s retreating liberals in the 1980s and ’90s.

“When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security as well,” he told the Senate in 1995. “I meant Medicare and Medicaid. I meant veterans’ benefits. I meant every single solitary thing in the government. And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a third time, and I tried it a fourth time.” (A freeze would have reduced the amount that would be paid out, cutting the program’s benefit.)


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2 Responses to Social Security Truth: Biden has advocated for cuts repeatedly over a 40-year career

  1. texan59 says:

    d’s “evolve”. We want to kill Grandma. 😦

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    When does this POC retire and fade away? Relegated to the dust bin of history!


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