Very interesting polling – the left is sinking

Results of the October Harvard-Caps  Harris Poll. Their conclusion:


  • Republicans are winning the generic Congressional ballot 53-47 among likely voters.
  • Inflation, crime, and immigration are the most important issues voters picked heading into the midterms – and based on each, voters say they are over 10 points more likely to vote Republican than Democratic.
  • Americans think Republican leaders are most concerned with immigration, inflation, and the economy – while Democratic leaders are most concerned with January 6, women’s rights, and the environment.

Glen Greenwald comments on Twitter (see full-size graphs below):

Even more interesting. Opinion of politicians (see full-size graphs below):

Read this thread for even more interesting tidbits from the poll. Seems voters are turning their backs on the “woke”:

Full-size graphs:

  • 55% of Americans blame Biden for inflation – including 42% of Democrats.
  • 58% are not confident in the Biden administration’s ability to keep inflation at bay.
  • Americans are worried about the Fed: 74% think the Fed will cause a recession.
  • 84% of voters think the US is in a recession now or will be in one by next year.
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2 Responses to Very interesting polling – the left is sinking

  1. Stella says:


    67% approve of Biden’s marijuana pardon, but it has no net effect on the electorate: 36% of voters say it makes them more likely to vote Republican, and 35% say more likely to vote Democratic.
    It’s a similar story for Biden’s student debt relief: 58% support his act – but 41% say it has made them more likely to vote Republican, compared to 35% Democratic.
    65% oppose easing sanctions on countries like Iran and Venezuela as a way to lower gas and oil prices; instead, they want greater output of American oil and gas.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Actually I’m sorry this was released before the election. Better the Rats go into the election blissfully believing everyone likes what they are forcing down our throats.

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