1981 movie predicts the future: Early Warning

Sound familiar? By the way, the full movie is available on YouTube. It is an “end of days” movie, the acting isn’t very good, and it is a typical 1980’s era sci-fi style film, but the predictions don’t seem like “fiction” these days.

From DefiantAmerica.com:

Video: A Warning From The Past? This Speech From A 1981 Movie Gives Chilling Description Of Our World And The Davos Gang

The 1981 “end of days” film Early Warning now seems oddly prescient in some ways. As you can see in this clip, it predicted a future in which leaders from around the world would gather to strategize coordinated management of the world’s population, taking advantage of crises (“never waste a crisis“) to implement tracking numbers, measures to control public opinion, digital finance such that individuals would own nothing and depend on electronic accounts that could be taken away at a keystroke, centralized control of the global economy, etc.

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1 Response to 1981 movie predicts the future: Early Warning

  1. Lucille says:

    The End Times scenario…endlessly fascinating prophecies. Many folks in present-day Christendom find it a difficult topic and so simply lay it aside, not wanting to read into the text something that may not be there. Then there are some folks who run with Bible verses out of context and embarrass themselves plus misinform others. Jesus predicted that there would be those who will try to deceive His followers and whose motives are self-centered and not God-centered.

    My only recommendation when deciding whether or not to study the various prophecies from Jesus and from Old and New Testament writers, is to realize that God has inspired these men to write and say what they did FOR A REASON and they have value. But most importantly, find comfort and inspiration in knowing that God loves you. And if you love Him in return, recognizing Christ’s sacrifice for you and believing in it, you will live forever with Him no matter what happens here on earth.

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