General Discussion, Friday, September 30, 2022

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  1. Lucille says:


    Found this prayer today and thought it appropriate…”Prayers For Turbulent Times”

    Lord, We find ourselves in very unfamiliar territory – strangers without knowing exactly what to do and how to maneuver through this time. As heightened of a season that this has been, and may continue to be, we ask for an abundance of your peace. While it may be easy to cling onto the anxiety and fear of not knowing when things will subside, Lord, let us choose to look to you – relying on who you are and your unchanging nature found there within. Allow for us to bring to you our feelings surrounding this time, and to lay them before you. We pray that you will meet each and every one of us where we are, and to see us through. Amen. 
    – A.J. Robinson, student at Asbury Theological Seminary – 5/27/2020

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  2. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all. For those of us that’ve never seen such an event…

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  3. WeeWeed says:


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  4. Stella says:

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All. It rained of and on all day yesterday and may rain more today. It is cloudy and overcast today and was around 60*. Luckily I wore my coat because I needed it. But it was a pleasant walk this morning.

    The amount of destruction in Florida is mind boggling. It is so hard to get anyone to do construction work on your house in Florida. It will take many years to build back some of those destroyed communities. Even if they can get someone to do the work, the materials won’t be available because of Biden. Shame.

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