Tucker Carlson: This is a clear indication of things unraveling

The number of youth carjackings are exploding in cities all over the country. What are the cities doing? Rewarding them. The New Orleans mayor showed up in court to support a carjacker, and he was set free. In Philly, they give the ‘youths’ violin lessons. No, that isn’t a joke.

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4 Responses to Tucker Carlson: This is a clear indication of things unraveling

  1. Stella says:

    This Woman Is the Worst Mayor in America
    New Orleans’ LaToya Cantrell is running away with the competition.


    First, for those of you who haven’t read all of the previous columns in this space, a definition. What is Weaponized Governmental Failure?

    Simply put, it’s the process by which urban socialist Democrats intentionally muck up the basic tasks of municipal governance and create such soul-crushing environments that middle-class taxpayers and voters decamp for the suburbs, thus leaving an electorate incapable of throwing off the political machine.

    My theory is that Weaponized Governmental Failure, or WGF for short, was arrived upon serendipitously. At some point in the 1990s, Democrats noticed that some of their worst mayors — like Washington, D.C.’s Marion Barry — were simply unbeatable despite dismal performances.

    And, at that point, it became recognizable to urban socialist Democrats that if you governed badly enough, if you refused to fill potholes or police the streets or solve traffic problems or provide functional public education, the middle-class voters who would consider voting Republican and therefore could put your political power at threat would just … leave. . .

    It isn’t incompetence, though it looks like it is. It’s deliberate. Because federal dollars from things like economic development block grants replace the tax base lost through WGF exoduses.

    And when WGF reaches an advanced state, what you get isn’t even something that looks like incompetence. It starts to get brazen.

    It starts looking like New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

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    • Stella says:

      . . . In an amazing moment, Cantrell showed up to sit with the family of a carjacker who had been found guilty of first-degree robbery. The kid was 13 years old, and he’d been involved in five separate carjackings. Somehow, the district attorney’s office dropped the charges down from armed robbery but secured convictions.

      And as the victims, who were mostly (if not all) white women, including one who’s a college student at ultra-expensive Loyola University, read their impact statements, Cantrell looked at them from the front seats.

      Then the judge, a Democrat named Renord Darensburg, pronounced sentence:

      Three years, suspended. No jail for carjacking and pointing guns at women.

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  2. czarina33 says:

    Absolutely correct. We left 15 years ago when it was starting to get stupid in NO, and now I won’t even go back for meals or visits to the great things there. The last three mayors have engineered this mess. I was so incensed about Cantrell’s behavior, despite the elaborate explanation the young man had completed New Orleans’ intervention program and thus deserved to be forgiven……

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