Fauci Resigns!

Your grandparent died alone, your business went under, and your child lost two years of their education while Dr. Fauci went on TV every day, did photoshoots for magazines, and became the highest paid government employee. He is the most destructive bureaucrat in American history.

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9 Responses to Fauci Resigns!

  1. Stella says:

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  2. Sumoyokozuna says:

    I just watched Mel K interview/discussion with Dr. Ardis
    in that discussion Dr Ardis says to Mel K – you all have seen Rand Paul grilling Dr Fauci…..it is all show…… Rand Paul won’t ask Fauci about Remdeseivir…..with is owned by Gilead……
    Paul’s wife bought $1,000,000, worth of stock in Gilead 3 months before Fauci gave the Remdeseivir contract to Gilead…

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  3. Stella says:

    In this video, Mrs. Paul defends her purchase, saying that she did so based upon info made public by the World Health Organization.


  4. Lucille says:

    Out of the past: Fauci and an interesting video clip….

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