House GOP members hold press conference on Trump FBI raid

Members of the House Intelligence Committee. What they are asking for – the basis for the raid on President Trump’s home – is more important than the warrant and the inventory of materials taken.

If, indeed, there  was an imminent national security threat, it makes sense that the Intelligence Committee should know about it.

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19 Responses to House GOP members hold press conference on Trump FBI raid

  1. auscitizenmom says:


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  2. Lucille says:

    Better be more than talk. None of us patriots are into just talk anymore. No action? Get thrown out next election.

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    First, WHY SO LONG to respond? Second reading from a script! I couldn’t get past the 4 minute mark. This is crock of BS. Thirdly, why has nothing been done on previous wrong doings? Hunter’s laptop comes to mind. Fourth, I have heard of NO RESIGNATIONS, from the FIBBERS! When I see them kneeling that tells me all I need to know! Fifth, there will be nothing more than a “strongly worded letter” involved! If they can do this to a POTUS, I DON”T STAND A CHANCE IN HELL as a citizen! Of the 585 members of the Legislative Branch, I can only think of possibly 2 that aren’t compromised or corrupted! It would take 2 decades to clean this up if everything went according to Hoyle. FBI MUST BE TORN DOWN, TOP TO BOTTOM! Fired! Toto, we are no longer in AMERICA!!!!!! This is NOT WHAT I took an oath and obligation for 50 years ago! Garland, Wray, and Biden GOTTA GO!!!!! This don’t happen without their consent! I’m pissed!

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  4. Pa Hermit says:

    As an aside, the first question I have for ANY candidate: ARE YOU THE CANCER, OR THE CURE! You will be monitored and if you are anything near a cancer, you will be removed!

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  5. Reflection says:

    Thank you Stella. This video has much more information than the rather tepid title.

    It provides important background information on the Republican members of the committee. Some were victims in the attack on the Republican baseball game five years ago. Listen to the response they got from the FBI.

    Ask yourself, why was it allowed to simply “blow over”? Why the change in tone of the “public servants”, toward their constituency?

    It is clear that the Congressional representatives are hearing from their constituents. Good!

    It’s no time to stop.

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