Concha: ‘This latest attack on Trump is going to have a boomerang effect’

The leftist media is taking a victory lap over the FBI raid on President Trump’s home. Concha thinks it will have a negative effect on the Biden administration, and that voters will see what is happening. And we all know what that is: keep Donald Trump from running for President in 2024.

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4 Responses to Concha: ‘This latest attack on Trump is going to have a boomerang effect’

  1. Lucille says:

    The Left is, of course, emboldened by their puppet in the White House, but also by what they see as weak elected Republicans who will moan and groan but not do anything. And Concha is way too polite about this stab in the Constitution’s back.

    STARNES: We are Now in a De Facto State of War With the Deep State
    Todd Starnes | Aug 9, 2022

    President Trump was right to call the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago a dark time for our nation.

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  2. Lucille says:

    Well, we definitely cannot rely on or trust the majority of elected Republicans in WDC. Now is the time for all those not being blackmailed and or compromised to step forward and stand up not only for our President but also for us. Maybe a few of those who are being extorted might grow some and decide to tell the truth no matter the consequences…nah, way too much to hope.

    Predictable: GOP Leaders Deliver their Typical Weak Sauce Response to Joe Biden’s Depraved Raid on President Trump’s Home — Mitch McConnell Does Not Comment
    By Jim Hoft – Published August 9, 2022 at 8:15am


  3. Pa Hermit says:

    This is the 4th election years (’16, ’18, ’20, and now ’22) that the “FIB” has had issues right before elections. That agency is not only broken, but dead too. Time to bury it and totally rebuild it from the ground up. Wray and Garland gotta go ASAP! This is more than a stain, it’s more like cancer!

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